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Let's depict Entities, Enviroments and Objects from DMT-space!

^^ how can they do this ?

purges did you contact them about this ?

.... they have copied every inch exactly as you've created it ,

they should pay .......
I've had my artwork copied, books and DVDs bootlegged, ideas ripped off. There's not actually a whole lot you can do unless you make a part time job out of copyright enforcement. And it becomes much tougher when it's not just a direct copy but a re- do, where it's your image but redrawn in their hand. The positive side of this is that it's very hard to mass produce fakes like this, since they have to be hand-painted. Also remember that just because they are asking that much dough for it doesn't mean they'll get paid that.

The important thing is that you had an amazing vision that you just scratched the surface of with your drawing. The "artist" who copied your art has no such depth to draw from, otherwise they wouldn't be copying.
Purges said:
Purges said:
Not the best drawing, but here is one of many creatures / entities I have seen. I added colour to make the entity stand out, but it was just an evolving monochrome grid with these entities popping out of the grid and lunging at me.


I have also depicted a couple of entities on some lighters which I use to smoalk... Will get some pics up at some point...

Some one's selling my artwork?! :?:

That suuxx bro.

They have a contact email on the site... you might wanna go ahead and contact them. Find out who is getting credit for the work, and demand compensation.

I would start out nicely and show them your original... it is likely they don't know that it is plagiarized... but it is also likely they DO know.

My sympathies. I know how it feels. Sadly, it is usually the artists who could actually use the money who get ripped off. The popular guys tend to have lawyers.


BTW - How did you find out about this? Someone point you to it... google image search or something?
That's interesting......the image above........

Here's a doodle in my journal from an entity I saw that looks similar, I doodled it last year........


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A cool bit of blast-off/hyperspace travel style photo art.

Simple really: just a slightly longer than normal camera exposure of a christmas tree (turned 90 degrees on its side) with a quick flick of the zoom ring on the lens. Exposure time here was like maybe 1/6th of a sec. Easy enough for anyone to do, it just happens to work extremely well on objects with lots of color, symmetry, and lights!


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In my past three experience, my dominating entities have taken the form of a short and stubby psychedelic jester, likely because the past three experiences I did not take DMT very seriously and acted a fool with it.

The entities looked like this figure...

...with designs on their bodies like this...

...and a color scheme/fractalization extremely similar to this.

Jesters have been the dominating entity in 4 out of 5 of my breakthrough experiences and they are always letting me know that I am acting a fool and tell me that I will not get to see hyperspace and always give me a "hyperjig" to keep me entertained with pretty colors because I am not allowed to appreciate or experience the true beauty of hyperspace.
Great depictions: especially the last one. Curiously enough, I've gotten lots of entities, but I've never actually gotten jesters.
In my limited amount of threshold experiences This one was by far the most aesthetically pleasing memory I have while on dmt. Though the characters may look angry this is only due to my lack of artistic skill. Sharp teeth were prevalent in this experience though I did not feel threatened by them but merely amazed at what I was actually seeing, it was a what the fu...heck kind of feeling. Again I wasn't getting evil eyes from the woman or the snake either. It was more of an ancient serious look, the kind of face's you might see in Aztec art.

Basically this is a snap shot of what I saw while attempting to break through with eyes open and staring at a blank white wall. My intentions with breaking through were mixed so I ended up at what I considered in the moment to be the gates of hyperspace. I clearly remember seeing the backs of three green heads, a fractal snake in this half dome orange room moving incredibly fast. The half dome entrance was flanked my a 2D multi armed Hindu resembling goddess who was also green. It was a fascinating experience and my deepest to date.

Hey Atlas

a 2D multi armed Hindu resembling goddess who was also green.

Have you looked into any info about this green goddess?

The Green Tara is a Hindu goddess (female Buddha or bodhisattva) often depicted with many arms.

She has many meanings, and is one of my favorite Hindu deitites.

Its always interesting to find correlations between ancient deities and Hyperspace visions.


Great thread by the way!
hey Mz.Gypzy

Thank you so much for informing me of the existence of Green Tara! Up until this point I had no idea Buddhism even had gods/godesses. Initially after this first trip I did some research on hindu goddesses but nothing came up for a green skin multi armed female figure. The closest I could relate what I saw was to the death goddess Shiva and while the goddess in my vision was not menacing at all, nore was her skin grey nor did she carry a skull I figured that it couldn't be Shiva and let it go as some unknown entity. But I am excited to know about Tara and a possible Buddhist connection to the spice as I recently read on a post by dreamer042:

"Terence Mckenna gave Tibetan Buddhist monks DMT and they confirmed that it brought them to a similar "bardo" state, or immaterial realm that we fall into between reincarnations. So it clearly has great significance to Buddhists as well."

This information deeply resonates with me so again thank you for the information!

At the very least I am inspired to journey again soon! :thumb_up:

After looking at pictures of the Green Tara this one popped out at me almost immediately. The best part about doing this image search was that as I was looking at the pictures my memmory of what I had seen while tripping was sharpened and I now remember the orange halo that surrounded my multi armed goddesses head. So to find that in these image searches really hit home to me 😁

This is almost exactly the female entity I saw in 2D flanking what I considered at the time to be the entrance to hyperspace (the only thing she's missing are fangs and a slight reptilian look overall):
I've never heard of Green Tara in culture/mythology before, but I've sure seen her on DMT voyages!

On one occasion I smoalked a spice joint im my livingroom with 2 friends. I was transported to another place,
yet whenever I opened my eyes I was back in my livingroom. It really was like being at 2 places at the same time.
My consciousness splitting up and manifesting quantum-nonlocality. It was very confusing, but finally I decided to
to ignore this physical reality and focus wholly on the other place I had been transported to.

Whenever I closed my eyes I saw a large shapeless enviroment all around me of a space that was completely
colored a deep magenta-brown. Darkbrown yet with bright magenta purple shining through it. In this space
were several, notably voloptuous female humanoids; Their skins were soft, minty, lightgreen: bleached emerald that seemed to radiate a faint, diffused light. They were very much in my face showing me mandalas growing out of their cupped hands: Mandalas that started with several corncobs in the center, Chacruna-like leaves around it and berries and vines growing around that. And on and on. They were very adament in making sure I saw that.

Allthough I never depictred those ladies, they seem very reminiscent of Green Tara. I have seen 2 of them before on another spice journey, one of my first in fact. I did however draw the mandala these green ladies showed me growing from their cupped hands:

In this case the mandala is hovering over the Maya-figure's handpalm, but during my experience it was almost shoved into my face by the Green Taras surrounding me.

Thanks for the really great contributions all! Really inspired me to pick up my brushes and paint some of my visions that I have never really depicted. I have canvasses, new brushes, iridescent paint medium so I shall start with painting the vision of the several green taras showing me the Corn/Leaves/berries/Vines mandala right now :)

Keep depictions of hyperspace comming in.
starway6 said:
What kind of spice did you smoke?
Acacia..or Mimosa?...how much?

Mimosa spice. How much would be difficult to determine: I've never owned a miligram-sensitive
scales so I allways had to eyeball doses. Also the vision of the green ladies was induced smoalking a dmt joint; little tobacco as filler, little cannabis as filler and for taste and added effect and generous amounts of DMT sprinkled on top. Then topped of with a little more tobacco & cannabis so the spice sits in the center. That particulair joint was shared with another person. So perhaps there was give or take 200 miligrams in there, but it's hard to determine how much spice I inhaled.

It could have been that I smoalked that dose through a chillum with some hash on an ashbed. Not sure. It was quite some time ago.
MultiDimensionalTherapy said:
so the force told swim to warn the community, that the enviroment will warn you if your spice has plastic contamination, you will see everything very plastic like!

This is interesting because I did use a bit of plastic in two of my extractions, and my last experience was not pleasant. It was very panic ridden and my entire room just looked fake and synthetic, like a virtual lego environment that I thought I would be forever stuck in. I'd always wondered if that was a sign of it trying to tell me something about the plastic.
I've seen everything all plastic like, all play-dough like, all fairy book like, all futuristic like....anyway I don't think that plastic in the DMT translates to a plastic experience.
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