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Let's depict Entities, Enviroments and Objects from DMT-space!

vardlokkur said:
Graham Hancock's book Supernatural is about this. He postulates that forty thousand years ago man got culture and art by using psychedelics, and he takes us on a tour of the cave paintings and whatnot, and his own experiences on various plant teachers.

Yeah McKenna's Food of the Gods has some interesting pictures from the Çatalhöyük civilization that inhabited modern day Turkey iirc. Or it may've been a North African culture of another name, but their depictions of mush-room headed, and bee-faced entities were intriguing.

Tassili n ajjer or something like that
Thanks Tele, dunno why I didn't just look in my copy of Food of the Gods.

Here's some of the photos that are featured in it from the Tassili-n-Ajjer area of modern day Algeria thought to be from the 12,000 B.C. period though the area was known to be inhabited as far as 20,000 years ago by wandering pastoral peoples.



* I should note that these are artists renderings of original rock paintings.
I meet the same entity which I have dubbed "the Glass Man" on almost every one of my voyages. He only appears on take off, just before a breakthrough. He is normally caught in a loop of tipping his hat or making the "OK" sign with his hands. He appears just as his name suggests... a man made of glass and he refracts many colors. On a whim just the other night I did a GIS for "the glass man" and came across this picture.

My jaw hit the floor as I had never saw this work of art prior to my search. The only difference is the glass man wears more of a bowler hat.
one time i saw this and all the bubbles are windows of supposed alternate realities. the stick figure is drawn just to mark a beings presence; it wasn't an actual stick figure.
Recently I got the oppertunity to smoke DMT again. Really good, pure DMT.

A friend who had some smoked 3 Cannabis/Tobacco/DMT joints. These 3 joints
were each shared with 3 people and each time each of us had a breakthrough.

I like how accurately one can dose DMT in joints, as opposed to vaporising.

Well I have had most interresting visions once again and here is 1 drawing
of my most memorable vision:

The sphere/orb I interpretted as being the core of all existance, shooting rays
of existance in all directions. On the orb/planet there was a man-figure, seemingly
in work clothes. I interpretted him as a devoted worker, the wielder/caretaker of
that orb, tending to the beam-emitting machines all over the orb's surface.

There was another scene that was far more bizarre and impressive that I saw that DMT session.
It was as if I was inside a white sherical room and these entities streched from wall to wall,
like a long worm/humanoid creature streching out to form a sort of lattice on the inside of
the spherical room. It was strangely clear to me that this worm-creature had humanoid qualities,
allthough I cannot use any rationality to explain how. And it was SO full of throbbing, pulsating
energy that it even emitted vibrational sounds.

I have yet to depict this scene, allthough it will be quite a challenge to do so.
But I'll give it a try soon.
Wow all of these are amazing, thanks everyone for uploading. I havent done DMT yet, But when I do I plan on keeping a journal... And then whatever I see while on my journeys, I'll design in a 3D program!!! :)
In most of my breakthroughs I seem to experience a duality of sorts. It's like the way that they are intertwined forms familiar patterns/ figures like entities. The closest I have ever come to representing this (although as far as colors go, in actuality they seem to be the same color with maybe subtle differences in tone or hue, not opposites like orange and green).


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Here is my best representation of a multidimensional DMT object.


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Global said:
Here is my best representation of a multidimensional DMT object.

Wow, great representation through and through. As soon as I saw that, I felt myself becoming nostalgic. Glidin' down the hyperspatial corridor forever, turning, twisting and folding, with some opening. :)

much love,
I'm glad to see this topic progressing. Unfortunately I myself have nothing to add for the moment.
I'm rather disenchanted lately and as such have not felt motivated to travel hyperspace again.

I'm also rather disappointed in finding an entire new dimension of existance and then comming to the conclusion
that this has no impact on day to day consensus reality. And I am deeply unhappy with the world around me.
Untill I have resolved this problem I will not be travelling hyperspace again. I see no point.

However to those who still are travelling hyperspace and are inspired by it: Keep images comming.
I feel this is the most tangible communication of the existance of hyperspace.
Where words usually fail abismally, images can speak alot louder and with alot more nuance.
Keep it comming.
I see something almost exactly the same each time I drink Ayahuasca, also at the beginning, but it's not as colorful. It starts as Yellow, then Green, Blue then Red. never the four at once though.
^^^^^ I agree with this completely, thank you for pointing that out! At most there are usually three main colors in my visions (with many different shades and tints of each of course). I used an abundance of colors to emphasize how everything is shaped/layered.

With that being said I have had my whole visual field flooded with rainbows on a few occasions. It just isn't as common as what you describe.
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