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LSA feels different this time.

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Hello! Soo I have done LSA in the form of untreated Morning Glory seeds (Heavenly Blue) over 10 times now. My most recent trip was very very different than any of my previous ones. I don't know if it was because the seeds were superior quality, or if the method of ingestion with the "additives" I added increased the visuals.

Here's a summery of what happened.

I took (Ate) 2g of seed powder at T-0:00, then I ate about 8 Altoids (Peppermint) and at T-0:45 I took 1 more g of the powder.

At this point I went out and smoked some pot resin.

I did this again at T-2:00 and thats when the visuals began to kick in really hard.

Things began to get colorful (started with a deep blue) psychedelic patterns on them that when stared at would turn 3D and begin to move. Things would move and transform shape, but at the same time they would keep their actual shape. At one point I was texting a friend and my phone screen got stars, squares, eyes, and other small patterns on it that were all of varying color. Things were covered in a static sort of mesh (over their textures and surfaces). Light trails. Sound distortion. Colors stood out differently. CEV rainbow static that would faintly form shapes.

I also noticed a different body feeling than any other LSA experience I've ever had and their was no mental fogging (even after THC). The mental state of this trip was very very fluid and clear, much like what I have heard LSD to be like.

Now my question is this:
Was this experience as it was because of the mint? The Weed? Both? or just a lack of tolerance (hadn't done it for a few months before this) with all of the other on top of it?

Thank You!!
For me Pot seems to move the high from the head to the body.

Once I mixed some really strong pot with some lsa, Lsa was Hawaii woodroose taken as a tea pot was a spliff, and when I went to sleep it felt like my bed was perpetually tipping over without actually hitting the end. The feeling was wierd as hell.

I dont know how much mint or mint candy changes the trip but whats more important is what you eat.
Eating nothing for 12 hours before makes the trip the strongest. Also try to drink little before so you dont wash the LSA through your body.
There's no actual consensus nor evidence to support as to why or even if mint enhances or alters the overall effects of LSA. I do highly suggest reading moar into this interesting study on the forum, as there is a lot to learn and consider. I'd say it was the cannabis that further catapulted your consciousness. Ime, cannabis and LSA work extremely well together and enhance both qualities of these plants. And for bonus, reduced nausea and vasoconstriction. Mint may have its own quality and benefits within taking LSA, but nothing is for certain.
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