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Mapacho tobacco snuff recipes

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Anyone have any tobacco snuff recipes that they can share? what is a good ratio of tobacco:ash (or lime)... would this ratio be different if using ash vs lime? ratios of other herbs or ingredients? I know theres probably a million ways to go about it, but some direction would be appreciated. I have homegrown rustica tobacco that i've processed and fermented, and i have an empty cacoa pod i could burn to ashes. or some juniper wood. or i have pickling lime from the store. would i just mix the powdered tobacco with the ashes/lime? or would i hydrate the mixture (to form basic reaction), toast to dry back out, repowder?
any tips, please and thanks!!
I love mapacho snuffs so grounding, awesome you have grown your own.

I usually do 50:50 ash to tobacco sometimes even more tobacco if I need alot of grounding.

Mint plants make a nice admixture.

So does a LITTLE bit of cayenne pepper.

I would try a little pinch of our mapacho and see how much you want to mix it with admixtures to get the strength you want.

Also be sure to screen your snuff at around 100 microns to remove stems and particles that will damage the nose. This step is crucial for amazing snuff!
I have this mapacho bundle to use. It got a bit dry over the months.. Is it still good ?

what kind of ashes do you use, any tree ashes ?

I would try soon to make Rapé and maybe some Singado too ( liquid mapacho snuff ).
I'am begining to harvest my tobacco plants (Nicotiana Rustica "Mohawk" ).
I also would be interested in some informations about Rapé. Is it necessary to cure and ferment tobacco leaves to make it? I thought this was usefull for smoked tobacco but not so important for snuff. I also would like to know if any kind of ashes could be used to mix with tobacco powder (I would like to use ashes from plants growing in the forest where I live and there aren't that much cacao trees around! :lol: )
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