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Methods of DMT ingestion.

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I understand DMT can't be ingested orally bacause of the stomach enzyme. But it can be snorted, smoked and injected to bypass the stomach to it doesn't come into contact with that enzyme. Does this also mean DMT could be taken sublingually and rectally? Also, if snorting DMT, would converting it to salt form make the burn less intense? What is the best way to lessen the burn from snorting it.
I don't know much about snorting it, but I do know that it needs to be VERY clean, I wouldn't want any naptha residue that close to my brain. I am also curious if anyone has ever tried it sublingually. I'm not a scientist or anything but I would assume it would take a lot more, and a very clean product. Maybe if you could make it into a liquid solution it would absorb that way but who knows.
Just try to put some DMT freebase particles on your tongue and you will see why it is not that easy to use it sublingualy ;) I don't know how it would work with salt form tought, not to say how to convert the freebase in salt...
from Tihkal (with 100 mg, via the buccal mucosa) "Numbness at the site, but no central effects." I don't think it's active sublingually.I think Ott wrote something about this also but I can't find it at the moment.
I wonder myself about the rectal way. But dont count on me to try it or make a pictorial. lol. Rectal DMT would be like subcutaneous injection? 0_o
^^^Would that be mimosa tea orally without an MAOI?^^^ Caution regarding what? My friend stuck DMT up his ass once. No effect. Maybe should have tried a liquid solution. Or converted it to salt first. He also added just enough HCl to water and freebase to get the freebase to dissolve and put that into a nasal inhaler. Nothing.
I recently snuffed a yopo/edible lime/syrian rue mixture... Lots of vomiting but I had some very nice and intense open eye visuals (multi-colored hair thin tentacle-like things coming out of the ceiling making strange noises and pointing to me)
ahem, 'anatomically' speaking ... "rectal", I think is the term she means ... But God did she make me laugh ! I thought MAO enzymes were in all tissues, organs and blood, not just the stomach..? How can she have bypassed them with this route.?
Well, she did take 600mgs & thats a LOT. even 1/2 that could be considered an overdose for most people if taken orally with an MAOI. if your wanting to dose orally with an maoi 80-100mg is a good for the first time, but some people need more/less depending on your body type. 250 mgs & over for novice travelers usually ends in information overload, you just cant remember long blotches of time b/c soooo much is going on. make sure you prepare your MAOI correctly, crushing up rue seeds finely, ect. Does anyone have a reccomended weight for making a B. Caapi tea to inhibit? 100mgs? a friend of mine has some vine, but is unsure about the dosing range. i love all you peoples, yalls da shit!!!
IMHO, smoking (+ oral is a good combo) is the best way to take DMT. I've used it through insufflation, sublingual, oral, and injection (but no rectal) and none seem to produce quite the same characteristics of the engulfing beauty that smoking does.
I think the worst thing about smoking DMT is the smell :( I just can't stand it and I feel like I take it with me into the trip. I feel it's a bad start of a trip. I'm just allergic to this smell :(
[quote:e0d954919e="Deemster Teamster"]thats interesting... I LOVE the smell. the taste doesnt bother me, but the harshness does. and no matter how clean it is, its still very harsh to me.[/quote:e0d954919e] Same here. Once you experience the effects you grow to love everything about it.
I just find the smell so chemical and unnatural. I wish it smelt of roses :p But I've also had a rough ride so maybe I will need to get rid of all fear of spice travel and then I'll get used to the smell.
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