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Mimosa hostilis and extract analysis thread (FASA, FASW, Naphtha, Limo, "jungle spice" etc

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Brennendes Wasser,

Thank you for performing this analysis! This is valuable data that has not been posted before at the nexus. Congratulations with your promotion.

I don't understand why you got such a snarky response initially. Though I agree with the remark that a mention of the species of the plant from which the tested extract was made would have been in order and some details about the analytical gear would have been nice. After all, science is about reproducibility.

For the rest, I think that the graphs are pretty clear and not messy at all. Furthermore, we do have some nexus members who are very knowledgeable in matters of chemical analysis in general and nmr spectroscopy in particular. I can't see why this information should not be presented or discussed in depth here.

IMHO the information that you posted belongs in the RESEARCH section, probably in the "Plant Analysis and Substance Testing" subforum. In fact, I think that it would be a good addition to the thread that endlessness pointed to.
Brennendes Wasser,

Is there any chance you could supplement this data by the addition of the spectra for 2-methyltetrahydrobetacarboline? I get the feeling this might be rather useful.
Sorry for long time no look into this!

Well I was about to take a spectra of my Harmaline / Harmine mixture, which would be interesting of course by its own, but also to identify how pure it is by the method I did (and nearly all of us do) AND to identify what is the ratio between Harmaline and Harmine.

Sadly the Freebase does not dissolve in MeOD, not in DMSO, not in CDCl3.

Of course to a lesser extent so that the solvent gets coloured, but just by eye I would say that 90%+ stays undissolved ...

Therefore with that Freebase I had no chance to get a suitable sample for a NMR Analysis. I also tried the Salt Form, but 20 mg did also not dissolve in 0,6 ml Water, only to a negligible extent. Even heating the solvents to their vap temp did not change anything. Therefore I have abandoned this so far, but possibly I may try it later.

But beware, I have other good news!!

I have more analysis to share with you and this time much more interesting and also much more data.

I just would prefer to start an own thread ... because of 2 Reasons.

A) I will possibly expand that post over time more and more and it would be nice if every info is as compressed as possible.

B) If I post it here is may somehow get *lost* and overseen as this thread may expand further in the future.

Therefore it would be cool if I would be allowed to start a new thread, which won't get merged into this one.
Some new analysis results have been added to the first post. This was all done in collaboration with Kykeon Analytics. Many more to come in the future!

Please let me know if you have any Mimosa spp. samples you want tested!
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