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mimosa hostilis bark yield

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hello all.thank you for having me on your board. i am new to this forum..it was recommended to me by a member of another forum. looks wonderful!quick question:what would you guys say is the average yield of final product per ounce of m.hostilis? i have read somewhere around .5 and some even say 1%. im sure you guys know your stuff here. what do you say? your input is appreciated.:)
ok..i see. well, am i allowed to say where i got mine from on here?maybe someone on here uses the same source and i can get a better idea. i know some forums dont like sources being mentioned, but in this case, i wouldnt think it would matter. ill wait and see what someone says before i post the source. my main objective in finding the answer to this question is to figure out whether or not i need to order a few more ounces. my desired yield is 3-4 grams.thanks!
cool. well, i got mine from REMOVED. i was gonna order more before it got here, but it already got here this morning. im just going to do a test run on this batch; im going to spend some time reading up on this site before i start though. you guys have the most info on DMT ive ever seen in one place, hands down! thanks for your responses.i will let you know how it goes:)
Are people still using mhrb for extractions? I have been out of the loop for a while. Would anyone be kind enough to bring me back to speed on the current techs, plants, and what not people are using?
Common yields range from 1%-2%. Some can yield up to 3% but I have never ever heard of anyone yielding more than 3% without there being massive contamination of some kind. It is possible to yield .5% if your tek is not done correctly.
there were a more than a few 2% yields reported (mostly with full-spectrum extracts, but Cybs max ion claims(/ed) 2%)

though there may be a distinct possibility that it was m.ophthalmocentra marketed as m.hostilis.

i myself managed to pull well over 9g (the last pulls were too gooey to weigh properly, and i saved the solvent, and managed to squeeze more out of it later, so i didn't get an accurate total - but the solid wax ball i could weigh was 9g) of potent red goo from 1lb of rootbark.
People still use MHRB for sure. It might not be as common as acacia but its far more reliable, consistent and easy to work with. REMOVED Do not discuss Selling and I've developed a very trusting relationship with mine
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