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Mirages: Evidence for Multiple Dimensions?

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In the past few months mirages have appeared in many different areas of Mainland China. What are mirages all about? Most people commonly believe that mirages are simply phenomena caused by reflections from the atmosphere. This explanation, however, is far from being completely convincing. With the advancement of modern science, scientists have come to understand that the dimension human beings inhabit is not the only one in the universe. There exist other dimensions that man can't see, which have matter and life-forms in them. A mirage is a way in which other dimensions can manifest in our dimension. That is to say the existence of other dimensions can "accidentally" display themselves in this space in the form of mirages, allowing us to see them. [color=orange:02587abe1a] Two consecutive mirages appear in Penglai City, Shandong province.[/color:02587abe1a] At 10 AM on October 24th and 1 PM on October 25th, two consecutive mirages appeared on the surface of the sea just north of Penglai, Shandong province. The images of all the Changshan Islands except for the South and North Islands were distorted. Big and Small Black Hill Island, and Dazhu Island bent up at both ends, like green turtles swimming in the sea. A few illusory islands with constantly alternating shapes appeared on the sea between those big islands. Cheyou Island along with several others appeared as if they were round balls floating on water. The different islands looked as if they were covering nearly 100 miles of clear sea with each island manifesting in a unique way. It was very difficult to distinguish which island was real and which one was a mirage. The two mirages lasted for 70 and 150 minutes respectively. [color=orange:02587abe1a]An extremely unique site appeared in downtown Tianjin.[/color:02587abe1a] At 4:57 pm on July 17th, several buildings appeared to be floating above the horizon over southeast Tianjin city. They disappeared after about 15 minutes: [img:02587abe1a]http://www.pureinsight.org/pi/pi_images/2002-11-19-tianjin_1.jpeg[/img:02587abe1a] Mirage in Qingdao At 7pm on July 4th, a mirage appeared on the sea outside Qingdao Dinasty Hotel. Modern harbors appeared on top of the sea, with many cranes and lights. The scene was extremely beautiful and lifelike: [img:02587abe1a]http://www.pureinsight.org/pi/pi_images/2002-11-19-qingdao_2.jpeg[/img:02587abe1a] [img:02587abe1a]http://www.pureinsight.org/pi/pi_images/2002-11-19-qingdao_3.jpeg[/img:02587abe1a] [img:02587abe1a]http://www.pureinsight.org/pi/pi_images/2002-11-19-qingdao_4.jpeg[/img:02587abe1a] Mirages usually occur over the ocean or in the desert. Scenes of houses, people, mountains, forests, etc. appear in living color and with lifelike motion. Some people consider them to be images of Heaven. At present, people attribute this phenomenon to atmospheric refraction, which reflects a distant scene to a place much closer to us. As a matter of fact, this understanding is simply a speculation made by modern science, which cannot otherwise explain the phenomenon. There are many dimensions within the Three Realms (what is commonly thought of as here on Earth, in Heaven and the Underworld). Eastern religions speak of “nine levels of heaven” and “eighteen levels of hell”. Heavenly beings and ghosts all exist in different dimensions. We cannot see them with our human eyes in this dimension. The frequency range of light visible to the human eye is 400-700 nm. The reason that we see objects is that our eyes can detect the light reflected by those objects. We cannot for instance, see the infrared rays that these same objects reflect at night, since infrared rays are not within the range of visible light. Even within the range of visible light, we cannot see very weak or very strong light. Our eyes can only see light within certain energy levels. The eyes of human beings are made up of the materials of our dimension. The molecules that exist in this dimension are the largest. Our human eyes, therefore, are made up of relatively large particles composed of the largest molecules. We can’t see into dimensions that are composed of particles made up of smaller molecules than those that exist in our dimension. Of course, we also can’t see objects in even deeper dimensions made of even smaller molecules. To our human eyes, the reflected light of these materials is not visible. The beings that exist in other dimensions, however, can perceive the light reflected by materials in the space of these dimensions, and accordingly, can see the materials existing there because the molecular grains which make up their eyes are different from those of our human eyes. A mirage is a manifestation of another physical dimension. As the matter moves around within the space of it’s own dimension, so that movement is reflected into the space of our dimension. One kind of mirage occurs with high humidity air masses over large areas of open sea. Heavy with moisture, these air masses are also very dense. The water vapor over a large area forms a huge lens system under just the right combination of circumstances. It is just like a huge magnifying glass or microscope, which reflects the scenes of the microcosmic world of other spaces into our space so that it can be seen by our eyes. Also, objects in the mirage can be seen to be moving because the materials of other space are actually moving. Similarly, a huge microcosmic observation system can be also be formed by certain sets of conditions created by moving masses of various materials (Editor’s note: such as of air, heat waves, etc.) in the desert and other places, with which people can observe events occurring in other dimensions. Moreover, mirages often occur after a rainfall. The extra humidity in the air facilitates the formation of the lens system.
I have seen mirages of people many times on highways while driving.You think you will run them over but they vanish when you get close enough.The famous mirages of water on hot days on the highway or in the desert are explained by this reflection, but people with arms and legs and walking? cmon they have to be in another realm that's overlapping on ours somehow.that or I was seeing ghosts.
So lets say if the mirages are happening strictly in desert and ocean climates? Maybe that is why they are empty, the space is used by other dimensions? Then in reciprocals we would be the ocean/desert of their world?
Possibly or it could be that these large open spaces which create this effect ( due to the surrounding moisture and humidity ) act like a lense or a massive microscope to view these realms.
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