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MMMMmmm Jungle Spice....

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I tripped on DMT and the jungle spice today and just wanted to share my particular experience with the jungle spice.

The J-spice extraction was done after 4 or 5 hot naptha pulls with 2-3 hot xylene pulls (DAMN that xylene is a nasty solvent. I can stand the naptha vapors with a fan and windows open but xylene is just horrible.) I ended up with a small amount of brownish tan pasty J-spice. It feels like a crayon and is in little tiny crumbled balls.

One thing to note before reading further is I never did put a top on the jar of the J-spice since I figured since it wasn't dmt I didn't have to worry about it turning into dmt n-oxide. (The jar was in complete darkness at around 70-75 consistently.)

Well I put a few of those crayon spice balls in my machine bubbler. :) I used signifagantly less volume of product than I would If I was smoking strait naptha pulled DMT.

I hit the bowl and took one medium to big sized hit which hurt my lungs when I came out of the trance.

When the visual started setting in I noticed that they were deffinatly not a of a DMT nature. They seem less warm and loving and much more manly than dmt's female or uni-sex nature for me but also not violent and harsh. Just pleasnt. Also I believe this trip to have been at threshold because the visuals and everything else was not as intense as I know it could be, maybe next time fill it enough to get 2-3 phat hits. The thing I noticed the most and have noticed while on J-spice before is that the visuals seem to fill the room in a 3d fashion(like sombody poured a bunch of trippyness into my room). When I waved my hand in front of my face it left a nice long trail. I seemed to be able to touch the visuals with my hands. I thought that this was very cool because when on dmt I feel disconnect from my body on a strong dose and I feel I can only interact with my brain not my body. I bet if I would have smoked more of the J-spice I might be able to play with things that are even more clear and present.

Maybe in a few weeks or a month from now I'll take a stronger journey with the J-spice. Lately I've been laying off of the DMT and J-spice with as far as months in between trips.

Also one off topic questions. Do you remember your first few trips and how you ecstatic you felt after you came down. I remember the euphoria the most over the visuals. I also remember that even at low doses I was interacting with multiple entities that filled most of my sight and the trips seemed to be stronger back then and MUCH more clear. Could this be that my spice is getting old? I've had the same extract for a few months and don't plan on making more since last time I extracted a big pile of 2.5g's of spice.
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