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Mushroom Church

Migrated topic.
8-Serpent-Wind said:
I am also done here.
I won't be a part of a group where moderators insult members, even if it is in a passive aggressive and indirect manner.
Maybe your current state of mind is making you see Voidmatrix's message as an insult. It's easy to misunderstand each other communicating through written messages.
I'm not here to defend him because he's able to do it on his own, but from a third-person perspective I can assure you he didn't mean to insult you, not even indirectly.
This is the most gentle forum I've ever been part of.
Voidmatrix said:
I'm very much in agreement with you and this is largely what I was alluding to in my initial response.

If we observe the behavior of people, we csn notice a strong drive to "know" and to be right while at the same time needing to be told what we should know and be right about without any analysis, assessment, or exploration of the ideals in question. Religion can help many find direction, peace of mind, inner security, etc. But any proponent of any religion that approaches their practice in an absolutist manner (which is a great many) seem be drastically "missing the mark."

This makes me think about the incessant and adamant need for people to go to South America to do Aya, stating they want an authentic experience, as if the way it's done in South America is the only right way. There can be more than one right way, evidenced by different Ayahuasceros having different approaches to their practices. So why is the experience I have secluded in my room any less "authentic?" Again, these entheogens exist outside our paradigms of their usage.

And I'm not admonishing those that have gone to South America to have these experiences. What I've mentioned may not have occured to them, considering the copious input data we receive in this existence. Many may have just felt more comfortable with some direction.

These things are reasons why in my guidework practice I try to teach my clients autonomy in these experiences.

One love
i completely agree. i had a friend who did not want to try DMT until he went to south america and did it the "authentic" way. i managed to convince him otherwise and he seems very happy with his decision.
i see the same, that a lot of people look for guidance and maybe those people need it, it certainly seems to help those people greatly, but that does not mean others cannot guide themselves, or each other, locally.
even this forum can be a great replacement for a shaman! i have never had the "authentic" experience so maybe i am wrong, but i have gained so much and grown so much regardless of not having that guidance.
8-Serpent-Wind said:
I was praying to the earth and eating mushrooms as a sacrament to affirm and strengthen my connection to nature in both a somatic and "spiritual" sense, on my own, alone before I turned 18.

It was certainly not legal, but I did not let that prevent me from exercising my religion and indeed I have my own (private) religious practices. (I practice religion but am not spiritual, which is a New Age thing, I don't concern myself with spirits or even believe in them per say, but I care about nature and my connection to it as a part of it and "binding myself to it" ergo my practice is religion but not spirituality, but in this sense Organized Religions are not true religions, but I don't argue this with their members)

Legality is not morality.

I have always felt free to practice religion on my own but if I hadn't perhaps I would feel differently about this?
I can't really know but it is interesting to think about.

fascinating to read, thank you. i am very similar, but i consider myself to be "spiritual" (whatever that really means[another topic]) but not religious. i followed a very similar path at a very similar age but my practices were different, which seems to have taken us to completely different places. both of us seem to be happy with our paths and (i assume) we are both gaining a lot from them. i think if either one of us would have been guided by the other we would have never reached our potential.

regarding "Legality is not morality". i have always said "i follow the rules of nature, not the rules of man". we seem to have reached the same conclusions through our different paths :)
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