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Mushrooms + THH?

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I was looking around the forums for an answer to my question but I did not see one. But I was wondering if anyone has tried mushrooms with thh taken slightly before hand? I will have some mushrooms to experiment with in the near future. I also have some thh. So I believe i'll try it out.

I know I have taken syrian rue with mushrooms before and that always leads to a difficult experience, but I have learned that the thh is a much more forgiving substance. I don't know what I will do for dosing. Probably about 200mg thh with something like 2 grams of mushrooms. I don't want to dose too high on the mush as mushrooms really like to put me in my place. LOL. I will probably be trying this soon. After today I don't have anything class until next monday.

hey man id DEF go lower on the thh try 100mg tops to start
personally i dont much care for thh.. harmaline is my fave
iv taken 30-40mg sublingual predose to mushrooms and it works VERY well
makes 2g seem like 4g and last much longer (~8-9hrs)
Psychosisdoses, you are the total opposite from SWIM in this respect. SWIM doesn't like harmaline for use with psychedelics. He likes it as a mild sedative for insomnia, and way prefers THH for use with psychedelics.

I agree with the dosage information. Try 100 mg of THH first. At that dose, there's little MAOI activity, but it will still greatly affect the trip (from what others have told me). At 200 mg you’ll get MAOI potentiation, and that might not be so nice depending on the mushrooms used.
hmm that is interesting peoples tastes do vary widely. with thh it just seems to work but with a good strong dose of harmine it works and adds quite a twist on things. now i could see how that may not be pleasant to some people. thh is more clearheaded where as harmine its more psychedelic and buzzy and harmaline is more trails and dreamy. they all have their place for me but i do like a good mix of harmine and harmaline.
Well i've got one week left before school starts again. I do have a harmine harmaline mixture along with the thh. So I may try some kind of mixture. I remember 3 grams of syrian rue brewed into a tea would potentiate my mushrooms 2-3x. So I must try this mixture before classes begin. I will make sure to let you guys know how it goes.
Can't say anything about extracts... but for what it is worth:

Little helpers were invited to Ayahuasca ceremonies twice.

0.3~0.4g was all that was needed of mushrooms (1.5-2g is normal).

The first time, the experience was INCREDIBLE. It was emotionally and psychologically cathartic. There was time spent outside, but dreamer found himself wishing there was something to shoot out all the street lights (so JARRING and ABRASIVE) and yearned for more trees. :p

The second time, Great Mother Aya wanted to do some extremely precise energy work, with her 10,000+ years of knowledge, and the mushrooms were just like insane little kindergarteners, running around and screaming, so mother had to tend to their antics instead of getting work done.

In conclusion, dreamer would invite mushrooms occasionally to ceremony, but not regularly. Dreamer feels, while there is a potentiation, there is more to be learned from each medicine unto itself, if one is in a committed, rather than casual, relationship. ;)

At the school of Ayahuasca, there is no snacktime, no nap on a mat, no recess. :shock: But mushrooms can perform great tricks on the interdimensional jungle gym (are you ready for a game of tag?).
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