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Myceliated Grain TEK

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Interesting-- I have two quarts of aged Tamps (var. Galindoi and var. Atl#7) that have been colonized since July this year.
With all the other projects I have going on they're gonna keep sitting for a very good while-- but I may well sequester some grain from one or both when I get around to harvesting the stones/spawning to see what happens when dried and made into tea.
Mine is on rye berries, but that shouldn't matter much.

Another experiment, for what it's worth, because it was largely confounded.

I opened a small unripe bag of P. tampanensis var. galindoi on brown rice. I picked out the stones, putting them in one cup, but also saved the myceliated rice into another cup.

The stones were difficult to separate from the rice, so the first cup was actually a mix of stones and rice. The weight came in at 22 grams. I blended them with hot water in a nutribullet, strained the solids out and added ascorbic acid to imitate the lemon tek, let it sit for 10 minutes then drank that (following 1.4 g of Syrian rue seeds). The drink looked and tasted like rice milk plus the acidity. No mushroom taste.

A good trip ensued. But later on I started munching on the myceliated rice from the 2nd cup and that deepened the experience. There may have been micro-stones in there, but I didn't see any.

Interestingly, the rice had that unmistakable sclerotia taste, nutty and sour in a weird way. I wonder if that taste is an indicator of the presence of actives?

In any case, the 2nd cup was very active and whether it was just myceliated grain or grain with micro-stones (which I doubt), is probably not that relevant. The point is, you can grow sclerotia-forming fungi much like you would Ps. semperviva mycelium, and then just blend the rice, without caring about picking out the stones and separating them, treating the whole thing - grain and stones - as one homogeneous 'substance', and make yourself a psychedelic rice drink. Maybe sweeten with honey to taste.
Thanks for posting! Pity that you didn't start with the rice-only cup... it's tough to derive any effect from the supplementary dose when the stones were still working through your system.

Definitely appreciate the updates though!

I have some Mexicana Huautla de Jimenez starting on agar right now, and I'll be making a separate rice jar exclusively for long-term storage like the two Tampanensis ones...
You're welcome, coAsTal! Looking forward to your sharing your results.

Another update and sorry it's not much more scientific than the previous one, but hope it's still helpful.

I ate some myceliated P. tampanensis var. galindoi rice, with no stones (that I was aware of) and it was definitely active. I didn't weigh it as it had already dried partially. With the variable water content of the rice, weight is probably not the most useful indicator. It was a few tbsp and the experience was milder than the previous one, but still good. Within an hour of eating the rice the walls were breathing.

I haven't tried semperviva so can't compare, but having read reports of its activity, tampanensis var. galindoi myceliated grain would seem comparable and perhaps even preferable, considering that after 2-3 months your rice will contain some stones as well.
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I did my research into this actually last night as I am making medical tinctures/extracts from turkey tail mushrooms as many vendors are using mycelium not the fruiting bodies.

What I came accross is this iodine test,

''Add a few drops of iodine to the mushroom powder. If it turns black, it is high in grain starch. Genuine mushroom supplements do not change color when subjected to iodine. ''
My first attempts at cultivation involved a smallish pre-sterilised bag of brown rice that I inoculated with a B+ spore syringe. I could see that the rice wasn't very well hydrated and when the mycelial growth finally petered out I decided to boil the rice and eat it - mainly because I dislike wasting food. Note: I don't add excess water to rice, only enough for it to be properly cooked when the water has boiled down. It still tasted (more or less) like regular brown rice so I happily ate it all in one sitting. There was definitely an effect - I'd compare it to about 1g of a typical dried Cubensis. My guess is that properly hydrated and much more colonised rice spawn would have been a good deal more potent.
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