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Never tried bufo, will try soon!

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Hello all, I have been a member of the nexus for a while now, and have had my fair share of dmt experiences. I recently started researching the sacred toad, and that led me to bufotenine. I have been looking for something softer than DMT, so 5meo was kind of out of question, but bufotenine looks like a good fit to me. I have spent many hours looking through all the posts, reading extraction teks, googleing, etc, etc. It is troubling to me that this forum appears dead, with little to no talk about this substance. Reading about it is also troubling, mainly because the information about it is so limited and contradictory. Information regarding whether it is deadly or not is lacking, there is a severe lack of trip reports. In my stubborness, I will try it anyways. Coffee grinder is in the mail, and soon so will an oz of cebil seeds. The no smell tek looks like the best bet to me, but then again everything regarding it is contradictory so I hope I am not wasting my time and money doing this. If all goes well, hopefully I don't die from vasoconstriction. Any advice from anyone would be appreciated, if in fact anyone still looks at this forum. Thank you.
After some more consideration, it seems that it might be beneficial to powderize the seeds, mix with pickling lime, and make the paste and everything. Then put it in like a tea bag or something and just hold it in my cheek. I'd assume about 5 grams worth would be a worthwhile experience for a first time. Again, any advice.
Just making a record for myself now. The coffee grinder is in the mail, I will probably do the following procedure, but not sure yet.

1. Roast seeds in oven at 300 for 30-60 minutes.
2. Coffee grinder.
3. Make paste with calcium hydroxide and seed powder.
4. Roast in oven until nice and dry.
5. Coffee grinder.
6. Drink several beers until buzz hits (I've read a lot about drinking before partaking in bufotenine so as to counter the vasoconstricting effects).
7. Mix an unknown portion into tobacco and smoke it like a cigarette.

I say unknown because I have still yet to read about a reliable amount of which to start. For dry seed I will weight out about .5 grams? So to include the weight of the pickling lime I'll just weigh a straight gram and smoke that. Maybe spread into two cigarettes each having .5g weight to it. If all goes well and it feels active to me, then I will continue on with actually extracting the left over seeds for the freebase bufotenine. More to come. Haven't ordered the sacred cebil yet, but will very soon, possibly tomorrow. I will update soon!
hello somethingsintheway, hows it going?

I would continue the tek and not stop at smoking the raw seeds, theres gonna be lots of unwanted stuff in there, I would pull the seed/lime mix with IPA to get the actives but leave most of the plant matter behind.

I would use this tek
Greetings 3rdI, I am doing pretty decent these days how about you? I have gotten over my honeymoon phase with DMT and am looking to expand my knowledge of other etheogens! I see cactus, mushrooms, and cebil, Oh my! In my near future ;) Not all at once of course. I looked at the bufojam changa tek and I liked it. Couldn't I use acetone instead of IPA though? I ask mainly because I am excited to try this new molecule, and I know that acetone will evaporate faster than IPA. Again, thank you for your response.
I just got a kilo of white Ayahuasca, I am very good indeed:d

I think acetone would be ok, but IPA also evaps pretty fast.

Im hopefully gonna start a bufo extraction this weekend so I will let you know how it goes.
Awesome, I would love to hear about the details of your extraction on bufo. For my first time I am ordering 28g of cebil seeds. I know it might not sound like much but I just need a small amount to see if it is for me or not.
no point wasting money on something your not going to like.

I don't know very much about Bufo but im sure there must be people on here who do, im not sure if you can edit the title of the thread but if you had Bufotanine in the thread title you would probably get some more answers.

anyway, good luck :thumb_up:
I would not call bufotenine "softer". Bufotenine is physically the roughest tryptamine I have encountered. It feels toxic. Psychologically it is easy to handle. It is not very psychedelic IMO. It is just very very visual but lacks the profound mental effects of other tryptamines like DMT and psilocybin..which also make DMT and psilocybin so ego dissolving and difficult psychologically at times.

Trust me, there is a fee you pay with bufotenine for the strong visions without any psychological dissolution into the field. It comes in extreme physical pain/nausea/vomiting etc. If you have a weak heart or anything the blood pressure rise might be too much for you so keep that in mind. Technically the LD50 for bufotenine is pretty low, but I have a lot of experience with the stuff..more than most people out there and at this point I don't trust the physical effects that come on at full breakthrough doses..and yes you can reach a breakthrough with bufotenine..but your muscles are so sore and your so nauseated going into it that I have lost interest. Even at a breakthrough level I don't get ego dissolution or much mental warping etc. I just feel like I have sleep deprivation sort of.

Bufotenine for me, is like being clawed in the face by a jaguar. It definitely has shamanic potential, but it's not some fluffy new ager kind of blast off. It's pretty physically demanding..moreso than ayahuasca and the nausea makes ayahuasca look pretty tame. Ayahuasca nausea feels like a detox thing in comparison, where bufotenine nausea really just feels like the effects of super constriction and high blood pressure.

Do not smoke this stuff on a full stomache, ever. The constriction will make a full stomache feel really unfomfortable and you might puke and shit at the same time.

One more tip..avoid the no smell tek IME. Go as far as salting fumarates..then convert them to freebase by mixing in sodium carb and pulling the paste with iso or acetone.
Thank you jamie for your thoughtful response. I have seen many posts by you cruising through this bufo and 5meo forum. I understand the risks and am looking forward to the physically painful journey. I am not doing this for simple pleasure or fun. I have learned a lot about myself by doing DMT, so so much. I researched DMT for ten years after reading the spirit molecule and didn't do any other drugs except for marijuana in that time period. I hadn't done any kind of psychedelics in that ten year period before I started using DMT. DMT came to me for spiritual reasons. The gut turning nausea and pain is nothing because I am interested in the spiritual definately, I'm not just looking for a high, I'm looking to learn and to expand. I wouldn't call it softer because I don't underestimate the power of any of these substances. Everything I believe has it's place. I most likely won't push for a "breakthrough" dose with bufo, If I wanted to "breakthrough" I'd simply smoke DMT! I am looking for something that is a little bit more easy to handle psychologically, physically I think I can handle the negative side effects. Also, from all the research I have done I have never came across anyone having died from this, although I admit I haven't been researching for too terribly long. But thank you for your reply. I'm the stubborn kind of person that is going to do it anyways, I am an EMT by profession, and I am aware of the signs and symptoms of cardiac problems and plan on taking all the best precautions that I can. Thank you :D

I was planning on doing the bufojam changa tek suggested by 3rdI, although I'll probably add a step of washing the dried roasted seed powder with acetone a few times until clear before drying it again and adding the base.
Bufotenine does not really get too interesting until you get to the breakthrough level IME. The heavy physical effects manifest below the level where it even starts to get visual..so you might as well go all the way with it at least once. It is not like a DMT breakthrough. You can still think about your phone that is ringing in the background etc when you breakthrough with bufotenine.

This is how the indigenous peoples do it. They take really massive doses of anadenanthera seeds..and that place is worth seeing in my opinion.
From what I've read 40mg would be considered a breakthrough dose? You have all these warnings Jamie and then tell me to go to breakthrough level! Not criticizing just pointing out that it is funny. If it is safe to go to breakthrough level than I probably will. If it is as visual as people say I am sure I will love it. I am interested in seeing the visual without the MindFuck. I really want to do it in my bedroom in the dark just before bed and possibly fall asleep during the come down. If that is possible I don't know but we shall find out soon. Should be getting my paycheck tomorrow and ordering some seeds. :D
40mg would be way overkill of pure bufotenine.

Im not telling anyone to do anything. I am just saying that(unlike DMT) I find very little use for bufotenine at low doses. For me one thing that I observed about it's effects is that they are there reguardless of dose, unless your not even at a visual level..so might as well make the most of it.
If I get an extract that looks somewhat clean I suppose I would try about 5mg my first go. I can imagine me smoking more though as the night progresses and if it feels right. Thanks for all the advice. I plan on posting again on this thread as I progress through getting the seeds and extracting them and then hopefully I will post a experience report if all goes well.
10-15mg is going to be a full on dose for many people. Some people need more. Start with no more than 5mg. It will take a few minutes to peak and the peak should go for 10-15 minutes with another 20-30 minutes coming down. So make sure you give it time to do it's thing before you smoke more when you are getting to know how it effects you.
Would I be able to put the freebase in a cigarette with tobacco? That way it would be consumed in small hits over a 5-8 minute period of time?
somethingsintheway said:
Would I be able to put the freebase in a cigarette with tobacco? That way it would be consumed in small hits over a 5-8 minute period of time?

Good day. No, 5-MeO-DMT needs to be burned with a torch to get it full effect, use a glass pipe (there are DMT pipes), a bong, or even a light bulb. Take a big hit and let it do all the work. I've never done it, but, there are some people who say that snorted 5-MeO makes the onset to take more time, they say it makes it easier to be aware of every single phase of the full experience. Peace.
Greetings Sabbathin, I have never done 5-MeO-DMT but was referring to 5-OH-DMT :D I'm sure it wont work though because I have heard that it has a very high boiling point... But if DMT can be smoked on caapi leaves then I don't see why I couldn't infuse .5g of tobacco with 5-10mg of Bufotenine and consume it that way.
Okay. So this tek Bufotenine IPA Extraction and Bufojam Changa Tek - DMT-Nexus Wiki
Looks good? There is a lot left out it would appear. For instance: How much sodium bicarbonate is one to add at step 8? I plan on using pickling lime, which I've read for snuffs its best to use a 1:5 ratio as more would be overkill on the lime. So if I start with 10g of seeds would I add 2g of lime at step 8? Or perhaps less? I also plan to use acetone instead of IPA, it seems easier to find and is cheaper as far as my evidence in my town. The seeds are coming, I am getting excited. I will keep posting updates as the time gets closer, maybe even pics!
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