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Never tried bufo, will try soon!

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Okay. Got seeds in the mail, been following the ipa extraction suggested above to the letter...except I am using lime instead of what is suggested. I am at the step where I am reducing. I think that it might be important to watch out for the fumes. It might just be in my head, but I got a huge cloud of steam that smelled very strongly of the seeds that went in my face. I didn't think about it at first, but after a few minute I started having tingling prickling feelings in my lips, arms, and hands. I generally just feel ill. Hopefully that is a good sign that all the toxins are boiling off? I don't know if that's even possible, I might just be overreacting. Anyways, so far everything is going as planned, waiting for the water to boil away and leave a syrupy consistency behind, which I will add lime to, and then evaporate. And then the fun begins when I can start doing pulls with acetone! Should be able to tell you all tomorrow what the product looks like. I am waiting until at least wed to try out any kind of product that I can get (and I hope I get something!) Stay safe out there!
Alright. As soon as I did the extraction my acetone turned a piss yellow color. I went ahead with the evaporation method in a glass pyrex dish. It didn't look like I was getting anything until it was almost gone. The final product was 50mg of a rust colored red looking substance. It wasn't like dmt but very sticky. There was also some straight black shit in the pan. I think I know what step I messed up, but nonetheless I am going to buy fumeric acid and wait to do another pull. On the next pull I will use acetone again, and when the acetone stops turning yellow I will add the acetone/fumeric acid mix and with any luck a lighter tan colored powder will be extracted. Will update in another week or so when i get fumeric acid.
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