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New Perspective on Stephen Hawking's Theory

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Mexican astrophysicist from Chihuahua, Dr. Leticia Corral, just caught the attention of the entire scientific community around the world by correcting Stephen Hawking on his hypothesis of the universe’s origin. For this, Corral presented a mathematical model, which apparently proves that Hawking’s mistake was to not take time's asymmetry into consideration. “I believe that the universe is cyclical; that it all started from one point and returns to it,” she explained.

The International Association of Engineers recognized Dr. Corral for her work. “This prize is like a recognition to my spirit; it makes me feel like my thoughts go further than time and space,” she said. “It’s for doing what I love and am passionate about, every day.” However, the piece was initially written for Entropy magazine, which rejected it, but Corral was convinced her work was correct so she approached the Association.

Dr. Corral’s work indicates that the universe will come to an end once all movement stops. You can see more on her work here and here.

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