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New SHE idea: make the event a wave!

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Now another SHE has passed by it is becoming evident that it's hard for people at different ends of the world to join at the same time. While the last SHE was perfect for Australia, the USA people had a hard time to launch so early while everyone was waking up, many street noises, etc.

The new idea I have is to start the SHE in a wave of launches. This can be done in two different ways:

1. Have all the people start at the same local time. Lets say 20:00 on Saturday evening. This way we will not launch at the same moment in time but it will be a wave of launches that is rolling over the earth as different timezones enter that 20:00 local time. So you just wait until YOUR local time reaches 20:00 and then take off to hyperspace.

2. Have three different launch points, one for every part of the world. So Australia, Europe and USA will each have their own launch time, again at about 20:00 in the evening. First Australia will mass launch, then 8 hours later Europe will launch and again 8 hours later the USA will take part in the mass takeoff.

Let me all know how you feel about these ideas.

Kind regards,

The Traveler
That sounds like a great compromise!!

No only that, but it leaves the window of group launching open for much longer too!!
I think option 1 would be kind of cool either way, as it would be like a big DMT tidal wave sweeping across the globe!:p

I Like It!

Yes, excellent idea, I wouldn't even dream about launching at 7 am! Both options are interesting, no idea what would be better, the continental group launch or the same local time launch.
According to Einstein there is no universal standard time in our universe anyway, let alone in hyperspace. We can always submit a request to the entities for time travel to get synched :)
tryptographer said:
We can always submit a request to the entities for time travel to get synched :)


"Yes we can help...wait until all of the merkabas are fluctuating at the speed of bananas & the egguniverse is spinning into itself at a folding undertow...then all of you humans will be at the same point in the fizziverse to inhale your little gas-keys..."

"See you meatbags soon!!!"😉

I like this idea to synchronize the onset in hyperspace with the course of the stars.
I don’t want to be a slave of the mechanical running of the clock, made by men.
Once upon the time I read in a book by Carlos Castaneda that it is easier to go across the inter-dimensional crack of the worlds in the time between day and night, then sun is rising or going down…
Lets give it a try, next SHE…
I personally still like the idea of everyone launching at once, BUT if using another method will allow more people to participate, and have a greater level of success then I'm all for it. We've struggled with this issue since the beginning, so maybe it's time for a change.??

storing and decoding the experiences and messages of other people, who entered the hyperspace, no matter when and where and how they do (did, will do...), should be possible, no matter when and where and how you enter, if i have a right understanding about the nature of 'the other worlds' and their relationship to time and space.
imho, it is the launching at the same time more some sort of symbolic act but not a real necessity.
Hello All,

I do not know if this idea is still alive, as I have checked the posts/threads and they appear a bit dated. SWIM and my cat (also a very psychedelic being who is named Hathor, after the Ancient Egyptian goddess of love) are very interested, and my brother says they could use his computer for this type of event.

So, all at the same (inconvenient for some) time or at different times creating timezone waves of hyperspace entry sound good to them, especially the cat.

This idea seems brilliant, though it is apparent it is difficult carrying it out in the consensual reality of different timezones . . .

Peace & Love,
i have seen a cat like yours before. far to the east in the great desert....those who live in that harsh, barren wasteland have learned to ride them....

...how did you ever manage to capture such a beast? i shall name you Pandora Muad'dib...
oh that is a hyperspace catworm if ever i've seen one....known to grind a man down to a nub with it's diamond-hard sandpaper tongue..... ;)
Looking at the dates on all of these posts I became very disappointed that I wasn't able to partake. Now I find myself even more let down, that I see posts dating a year apart with the experiment still not done. I think the rolling DMT blastoff is a great idea and if we get this started up again I Would love to be a part of it.
I'm gonna go with this nice person above me and put in my vote for another SHE in the near future.

Seeing as its summer-time in the northern hemisphere, if possible I think people should try to partake in the great outdoors under the stars.

Maybe on the 4th of July? So those of us in the US can watch the fireworks 😉

Just a few thoughts...

See you on the other side 8)
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