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New SHE idea: make the event a wave!

psyco_nomad said:
Looking at the dates on all of these posts I became very disappointed that I wasn't able to partake. Now I find myself even more let down, that I see posts dating a year apart with the experiment still not done. I think the rolling DMT blastoff is a great idea and if we get this started up again I Would love to be a part of it.

There were several SHE already performed using the wave. It's actually the standard way of doing a SHE now. Check for all the SHE suggestion threads in this subforum, several turned into a SHE.

The newest one that will go on for sure is this one: 11:11:11:11:11:11 S.H.E.

That 11 SHE will be performed in a wave too. :)

Kind regards,

The Traveler
Dear Traveler

If we ever did want to fully synchronise down to the second... it would be relatively easy...
We all globally share the same minutes within our time zones (even if the hours are spread out around the planet)
If we were to use google earth as a time base (in default scale with the shaded aspect tuned on) , we could easily decide to smoak similtaneously by waiting for sunset to occur anywhere specific "say Sunset in Byron Bay Australia".
We could be very precise if we were to interlace that with a standardised minute countdown from our computers clocks (which are synchronised by the time servers used). Eg Sunset byron bay at 33 minutes past the hour.
This type of synchronicity technique would also suit the wave method, as we could launch many times a days from the perspectives of the various major location.... Oz, Europe, USA etc.
All we would need to do is mention (pm/forum) the date and a specific location/s to work from....
Over time we could travel the whole world changing the place as take-off/launch points. Eventually we could launch from all our crews favorite places.... The pyramids, grand canyon, New Grange etc.

I look forward to this coming present,
I idea is so close to my heart..... I called myself synchroneyes so I could see it actually happen.
And it is....lol

I also posted this on the 29th/30th She post by Frac7
Let me know if there is anything I can do.....

The nexus has attempted that in the past. The idea is nothing new. We implement the wave because it is what works best for a mass amount of schedules.

We have experimented with yantra glyphs for personal identification, which was a total fail, too.

What I mean is- There is really no point going in at the same time if you aren't face to face with people. The ONLY effect that this has on a journey that I have observed is that you get a feeling that there are "others out there" doing the same thing. This feeling is there for the waves and is there for the times we synchronized the world.

No matter what, no matter what you do, no matter what you think, hyperspace will do as it pleases.

Just the way I see it, I've been participating in these things the past 2 years.
I hope there’s another she event soon. Even if there are no awesome results in hyperspace I still feel it helps connect us and encourages nexians to participate with one another. At the very least I consider it a celebration. Tons of nexians blasting off all at once pays respect to dimitri. This is a modern day shamans guild and shaman do weird shit that doesn’t make sense all the time lol. Whenever y’all are ready I would love to participate in a synchronized hyperspace event.
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