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[NEW SHE] June 26th, Full moon + lunar eclipse

The Traveler

The Moxylator
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Hi all,

June 26th 2010 will be a great day! That days it's a full moon with a partial lunar eclipse.. and... a SHE!

For this event we will use the wave again. This means that the launch will roll over the world like a wave, every time a time zone reaches 8pm local time it's inhabitants will launch their wave! People who want to join mulltiple launches in different timezones are of course welcome. The day of the SHE the chat will have an extra room for synching the launches and general talk about the SHE.

I have to reset the SHE site so that we can all sign up again so pleae have a little patience with that.

Make sure you have June 26th set in your agenda!!

Kind regards,

The Traveler
Wow, I'm in, and would've been anyway as that was a date planned anyway :)
Should be a lot of other people at the same time ;)
I'll be out, I'm on call 24 hours a day for the next few weeks. I've noticed that if I'm sitting next to a friend who's taking some puffs on the Spice Device, I can actually tune into the trip and feel it coming on. Of course there's no way to know that this is not mere self-suggestion, but I find that I can get that *feeling* that comes with inhaled Spice, the feeling I never seem to remember without smoking itself...or in this case sitting next to someone who's inhaling Spice vapour. That to me is evidence that the "proximity trip" is not self-suggested, but in fact we can pick up someone's trip from a distance. I understand old acid-heads know well about this phenomenon, and it's even been said that it is possible to "suck" someone's acid trip right out of them. A little far-out but the contact buzz is a strange phenomenon to say the least.

With that said I'll see if I can tune into the S.H.E. from a distance, without actually partaking of the Spice. Who knows?
I'm going to a winter solstice doof on that weekend, and if I'm in the right headspace & the setting & ambience is nice I will def participate =) I was planning on bringing spice out for it anyway.
it will be my first SHE : o
I'm in! Interestingly, the 26th is also the day several close friends return, after being gone for a year in various places... Crazy things ahead, my friends
I hope to partake. And participate. But I don't want to lock myself in to it. If set and setting permit, I will join you. My hope is to join the wave.

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