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[NEW SHE] June 26th, Full moon + lunar eclipse

This going to be my first SHE that i am able to do. Usually i've had something suddenly come up or had unbreakabe plans. So i've got kind of a "new guy" question. Are we supposed to enter the space with a universal thought like,"please teach us," or "love"? Or do i just proceed like i normally would? Help a brother out.
At 9PM Pacific my friend, who wasn't fully aware of the SHE happening at almost the same time, distinctly heard a voice/entity in hyperspace communicating with him in English, although he was entirely unaware of how to communicate back. The conversation went like this:

Voice: Hello? Hello?
Friend: *spews fractals*
Voice: Are you here? Hello?
Friend: *strained attempts at speech*

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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