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New traveller!

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Hello everyone,
Just joined this weekend, really excited to read everyone's reports. Just had a read through a bad report and the positive feedback is outstanding, not only to the perspective of the trip but a positive outlook on life.

This is something I'm really looking to focus on myself. Mindful living and enjoying life.
I'm mid twenties, I've never taken a journey into the unknown other than this strange reality we perceive every day.

My life has been taking a different path over the last year. I feel like I'm going back in time. I was once a really energetic kid, I would draw a lot and play outdoors all the time. What ruined that was video games, they completely sedated me, so bad that I quit jobs and relationships because of it.
I still have some of the negative traits about myself, a little lack of motivation and a few social anxieties but that really depends on who I'm with. I like to be around people who have a positive outlook on life as it really projects that energy onto me.
This change of direction has really come along after getting a motorcycle. What an amazing new world I stepped into, such a sense of freedom on a machine like that. When I travel I feel so much more connected in the environment around me than I would in a car.
Now I'm building my own motorcycle, playing guitar again, drawing again and trying to connect with the special people that were in my life and the ones that will be coming into my life.

I would like to try DMT but I'm actually struggling to source MHRB in the UK.
Found out about it through McKenna and other videos online. I know 2 other people who have had experiences.

I don't know why, but I feel like it's something that can help me, and if it can help me it may be able to help my mother. (Long story I would be happy to share sometime)

So I'm here, putting my research in. Reading, getting back in touch with my loving, creative, spontaneous side that was once lost.

I cherish wisdom from others who have taken journeys and travelled, no matter what the location is.

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