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Hello all! I had a feeling there was a community like this out there, and it's wonderful to finally run across it. I've found bouncing around the threads on E-security to be incredibly interesting and I would love to help work on the Hyperspace Lexicon, which was an idea I arrived at independently years ago and was overjoyed to see here.

"I took a third hit and held it as long as I could. When I could hold the smoke no longer I exhaled and the smoke came out green/purple. The air crackled. I instinctively laid my head on the ground in Child's Pose and did a systems check. I ran my mind from my toes upwards, one muscle group at a time. Check, fine, working, no problems

I reached the top of my head and fell out of where I somehow knew my Crown Chakra was located.

I plummeted at an unknowable speed towards the center of the Earth. The only thing I could think had happened was I must have died, and was now untethered and free to roam. I suddenly realized I might not be ready to encounter whatever situation awaited me at the center of the Earth and I heard a little part of me chime in "well if you have to ask..." Immediately my trajectory changed by a perfect right angle. Within moments I had passed through the earths crust and was headed off into deep space.

I will never forget watching the solar system and Sun fade off into the distance.

After a time that seemed to take forever and also be instantaneous, I arrived at the edge of space. In front of me was almost an invisible wall in a video game, it looked like nothing and I could not move forward. Behind me were all the stars and nebula of our universe, to which I could not return due to the cosmic currents. In front of me was a nothingness into which our space was expanding bit by bit. Every so often I was able to move slightly forward as space/time expanded into the not-space all around it."

This is probably a snippet of a transdimensionally channeled entity describing his alleged friends first DMT experience. If someone wants its possibly possible for the rest of the story to also be distilled out of the biosphere.
Hi, welcome to the Nexus!

Thank you for sharing your experience, I wouldn't mind reading the rest of it. In fact, that is one of my favorite things about this place; sharing and reading trip reports! Onwards and upwards!


-The Grateful One-
"After a time I began to find that in my incorpreal state I was able to investigate my surroundings simply by thinking about it. I spread my mind out over the barrier between Somethingness and Not-Thingness expecting to find it complete and impenetrable, as though I had been washed to a back corner of the Universe by the cosmic streams that be.

Surprisingly, to one side I found a crack.

A tendril of my mind floated over the crack to investigate and I was pulled in gently yet suddenly. At sometimes an incredible speed, at other times seeming to barely move, I plummeted through a tunnel covered by and swimming in fantastic and dazzling images. Runes and letters of Greek/Persian/Chinese/French/Japanese/Mayan/Peruvian/Rongo-rongan/Atlantean/Russian and all other languages that had ever been covered every "surface" and swam through the air.

I once heard someone use the phrase "howling-in-between-the-worlds" and thought it fit my memory perfectly.

Suddenly, there was an end to the tunnel. A ways off in the distance was blank whiteness, swallowing the edges of the tunnel, into which it simply dissolved. I knew that tripping balls or no, to enter that space would mean never returning. And yet I could not simply float back the way I had came.

Having no other options, I simply gave in to my fate, and for no particular reason I could discern other than instinct and reaction, I asked very quietly and sincerely for help.

Almost as the thought was conceived a doorway opened in the tunnel to my right. I turned to travel through it and found on the other side I was effortlessly floating down from the top of snow globe like domed area, made all of shimmering golden energy, projected from the roots and branches of a massive tree in the center of the area, made of the same shimmering golden essence.

Outside of my immediate area were other floating snow globe "buddha-verses", floating through the "sky" like stars.

At the ends of the Trees branches where leaves would be the Golden Essence would coagulate like dew, and expand into a bubble, and I found by focusing on one it would come into greater clarity, and I would witness the birth of a Universe, the expansion of its energy into matter, the arising of beings and I could bear witness to empires coming and going, from individual planets to mighty galactic races being erased from a simple super nova or watch the entire bubbles laws of physics fizzle out or see it devoured by out of control Black Holes.

Some of the bubbles would "make it". The bubble would reach a state where it became aware of itself perfectly and it would pop off the branch and take its place floating through the sky above and around the Tree.

For aeons I watched and I learned.

Eventually I looked to the base of the Tree and saw a seated monk, bald and wearing an orange and golden robe. I realized I had been incredibly rude, barging into his space after he gave me help I remembered asking for what seemed like trillions of years ago, and simply taking my fill of his tree. He sat unconcernedly in the lotus pose with his eyes closed, his hands on his lap in a mudra I can't quite recall.

I realized my parent culture gave me no preparations whatsoever for an encounter of this kind. I decided the best thing I could do would be to mirror his body language. Without a body, I sat in his same position he was in.

When I closed my eyes there, they opened on my friends floor. Having some experience with "trip time" I estimated I had been away about 2 hours. I looked at the clock.

8 minutes.

My mind was utterly blown."
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