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Nice to meet you all, nexians

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First of all I want to thank you all. I started browsing this forum two or three months ago and I was really struck. The attitude that you all have of sharing your own knowledge, the willingness to help anybody who needs it, and the respect everybody shows is really admirable. I have learned in a very little time lots of things that I don’t think I could have learned in many other ways.

Let me introduce myself. I got in touch with psychedelics at a very young age, a friend and I had been doing some research and realized that they were a beautiful path which could led us to know things that we could only peep at. We did not want to admit that the world was what people around us made us think, we had the feeling that it was way more than our human intellect could ever imagine, and we realized we were right.

The years went on, and as I grew up, I realized that psychedelics were a very powerful tool for us humans to get in touch with the vast light of our spirit, both personal and interpersonally. At this time I was in a very important stage of my life, the most beautiful by now in my opinion. I was trying to discover how far I could arrive in the path of spiritual knowledge, and I felt in complete synchronicity with all the energy flowing around me, and a million light years away.

Bad times arrived, and what had been the most beautiful years of my life, became hell in earth. I did not knew what was happening, and continued my path without taking care of myself, thinking it was only a temporal issue, and that everything was going to get better by itself… But it didn’t.

I got into lots of problems, almost in every aspect of my life, and everything I did was unconscious and far from helping me to get over everything that was happening. Then, life gave me an ultimatum. I was not going to hold on for much more time, and I had to take an active part in my life.

I started to make big changes in my life, trying to overcome the problems derivate from a long time suffering, and everything seemed to get better, but it was all a mask. Reality hit me in the face, and I realized that, amongst all the problems I had, one was making impossible to me to get to the root of my problems.

I don’t know myself. Neither who I was nor who I have become.

Trying to get over, I started a path of mental exploration, and then I realized that psychedelics were also a powerful tool for it. They helped me to get to the deepest depths of my mind, and to be able to recognize the roots of every individual problem I had, in order to be able to work on them and become the happy person I once was.
Now, I’m yet in this mental stage of my personal development, little by little trying to know myself better, every process, every reason my mind has to function as it does. Trying to be a better me, trying to grow up both mental and spiritually. I know that I am really far from it, but also I know it is possible.

That is a sum up of my personal life and feelings. But I think you guys want to know also why I got into the forum, don’t you?

Since I first got in touch with psychedelics, they really impressed me. The idea that a living being or a chemical compound could make a person experience such changes in its consciousness, the way of perceiving the world around he/her, the understanding of metaphysical realities… I wanted to know more.

Over the years, I kept researching about their origin, the traditional uses of them, their history, their chemistry particularities, and tried to learn as much as I could about it. I could say that not only psychedelics by itself, but the understanding of psychedelia in general is what I am devoted to.

So here I am, in a place I think is made by people with this same interest I have, for the use of themselves and of everybody who wants to join them. Here I am, to learn as much as I can from all of you, share my own knowledge with anybody who is interested in it, and to contribute to expand the knowledge we all are able to reach.

Thank you one more time.

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