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novel lysergamides

Migrated topic.


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The 'novel psychoactive substances' section contains some threads on novel lysergamides. Maybe it would be a good idea to put those threads in both the novel substances section, as well as in the 'LSD, LSA, LSH' section?
I'm not sure exactly what you are suggesting here...I think the sections are appropriate as they are, however I admit I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to suggest...

Though if you want to discuss novel lysergamides or other novel compounds I would be more than happy.

Well, i mean, novel lysergamides can be categorised both as novel psycho-active substances, as well as lysergamides. And both categorisations are equaly valid. So i don't mean that all discussions on novel lysergic's should be removed from the 'novel-section' of this site, but rather, that you could also find them in the 'LSD, LSA, LSH-section'.
I mean, i think it would just be more convenient if you could find all there is on any lysergamide, in the section of this site that is dedicated to them.
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