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Outstanding synergy between ayahuasca and vilca

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Last night I discovered my favorite combination ever..a caapi and mimosa ayahuasca brew with vilca changa smoked durring the peak.. It's simply stunning, earth shattering and one of the most blissful experiences I have ever had..

I started out with a brew of 25 grams ceilo caapi..this vine is really fresh and very potent..and one heaping teaspoon of mimosa..I had no scale at the time to weigh the mimosa..but I am just getting to know mimosa as admixture so this is the highest i have gone so far. I am finding that i seem to prefer mimosa as admixture over chaliponga..it seems to bring so much more light..though with some chali in there as well with the mimosa it might prove worthy.

I ate very light all day, just fruits and vegetables and lots of yerba mate throughout the day and about an hour before I drank.

I drank the brew after doing my usual little ceremony and shut out all the lights and lay down in bed. Within 20 minutes the caapi was going strong, coursing through every vein in my body. The blissful peacefulness and sedation was wonderful and I quickly fell into a series of VERY meaningful caapi dreams..

The one that really stands out that I can remember went like this: I am in a circle of other people, partaking in an ayahuasca ceremony. There is a traditional currandero there with us and he is looking at eachone of us and he states "I can see sickness". He makes note of one of the participants, a woman. She has her eyes down at the ground, wont look up and seems fearful of something..maybe the ayahuasca. The currandero says that this is a sign of sickness becasue it implies a sense of self worthlessness and surcumming to fear.

Then he points out another person who seems rock solid in thier stance, chin up looking straight into the eyes of the rest of the group fearlessly. Then a series of related metaphorical dreams wash over me where i can see how when people are always doubting them selves and letting fear overtake them instead of accepting it and moving through it, they sort of dig themsleves into a shallow pit..never really reaching the peak of each wall and essentailly spending their lives in this rut. I see how the people who keep their head up and challenge fear, move through it create more of a speed bump effect that bounces them up to higher and higher levels..

I suddenly snap out of these caapi dreams and into the closed eye symbols, and I know that the mimosa is really taking effect now. I feel absolutily wonderful and the music is thick and vibrant filling the air. Touching anything, the pillows, the blankets is a full sensual experience of devine tactile ecstacy.

One hour after drinking the brew I light some candles..and smudge with some sage, clearing the space. There are light shimmering trails and around the flames and fractal patterns waving around a set of incent stick like a mosaic..

Out of nowhere I decide to smoke a tiny bit of this bufotenine changa I have on my alter in a little vile.. So i load up my glass bufotenine pipe, ask for love and for light..go over to my open window and take 2 very very tiny hits about 7 minutes apart.

There is NO nauseas whatsoever..only very very mild constriction, lasting maybe 2-3 minutes, but not unpleasant. The ayahuasca seems to act as a very effective vasodialator. Keep in mind this was a very tiny dose of bufotenine, not enough to give much effect on it's own. It started with a feeling of a deepening of the ayahuasca state..the euphoria and introcpection I was already feeling widened..then came the trance..I realized I was movingmy body with eyes closed in a very rymic circular motion that happens tome every single time I smoke jimjam changa. The closed eye visuals deepened as well, and at first i could make out the presence of the bufotenine amongst the mimosa visuals..there were sort of grids made of circular patterns, with this femal pixie like being that formed in the centre that I have been seeing ALOT lately..she was dancing around and flying and I could feel myself getting more and more sucked into the visions. Now this was not like bufotenine in the way it felt at all..I could feel the ayahuasca spirit flowing through me very strongly at this point and mentally it was much more like DMT..there were just visual aspects of bufotenine.

So at that point I lay bakc down in bed, eyes closed. The visions are deepening and I begin to see this purple dragon thing flying around in front of my face. I felt like I could reach out and touch it, and with eyes closed I could make out the outlines of my hands.. I had my arms up in the air in front on my face and tried to reach out and touch this thing..and finally the moment I touched it my fingers met and touched my face..this send out a ripple throughout the vision like a peddle being dropped in a glassy lake..and shimering fractal patters broke off from this centre rippling point.

These patterens were identical to what I see when I smoke jimjam. Next it all just opened up and I realized I was breaking through!..not liek a bufotenine breakthrough where I can still sort of be in my body if i need to be..this was exactly like a full on DMT breakthrough, visually and mentally, yet more visual than DMT usually is, and with a much more spirit infused feeling from the ayahuasca. It was amazing and sooooo beautiful, but completely caught me off guard. I rolled over onto my stomach and suddenly fell through my bed!..I fell right into hyperspace..I was like an astronaught floating in the depth of space..except this was hyperspace. There were all these shimmering and rotating crystaline dimaond things and spirits flying around..all I could think was "this is freaking amazing!", "What just happened?".."oh my god it's so beautiful!", and "oh crap how long is this gunna last?" haha..

It went on for about 5-6 solid minutes and honestly was very difficult..I just had to lay there and focus on trying to make sure my body was stil breathing..i couldn't really connect to it too well at all, I was outside of it and evetually just gave up trying..Finally it dropped down a level and I was able to completely calm down and ground myself in by body, and I spent the nest 30-40 minutes in the most wonderful and MAGICAL ayahuasca experience so far to date..the only thing I can compare it to is like maybe 4-5 grams of psilocybe cyanescenes..it was so amazing..lookign around my room in the dark everything was alive and there were flowered patterns flowing out of the speakers in my room..shimmering mandalas and pixie like things flying through the air..and the way I felt was indescribable..it was fantasitc! I felt like I was being rebirthed and filled with magic and love.

This is by far my favorite ayahuasca combination..the caapi, mimosa and vilca just seemed to come together into this sacred triad of plant medicines..a perfect union. One of my best friends attended 2 diame ceremonies not too long ago here in vancouver and she had mentioned to me that they were both snuffing and smoking yopo durring the ceremony with the ayahuasca and now I understand why! Before this I had only taken bufotenine with brews at 10 grams caapi only, with no light..and it was nothing like the magic I experienced last night with a fuller dose of caapi with light. It was just soo amazing.

I really took s very small dose of bufotenine but it was potentiated so much by the brew, with minimal side effects that were not at all unpleasant..and the bufotenine seemed to really potentiate the brew to a huge degree, pushing the mimosa presense up to a level that matched a DMT breakthrugh..but it was prefferable to smoking DMT with a brew becasue it came on over about 7 minutes leading up to the breakthrough so I could get in bed and next time be ready for it..it also lasted wayyy longer than when I smoke DMT with a brew..it seemed to bring out and potentiate the effects of the brew for the next 45 minutes after the peak..and again it was not like bufotenine is alone..it was way way more like DMT..so it seems that it really helps to activate the mimosa or other admixtures in the brew..
polytrip said:
I know what i'm gonna do, next time i take ayahuasca.

You know how to inspire people FE.

This x1000...

You certainly have inspired me to start working with the vine ( for starters :) ) and your reports always read so nicely.

The very deepest thanks and gratitude. :)
thank you soulfood!..you guys all inspire me soo much everyday glad people get something from my posts as well!
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