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Pandora Internet Radio

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Last year, you used to be able to rip the songs from pandora, and the program would get the artist name and song title in there and put it in a folder of your choice.

Upon further snooping, it appears they've made a new program to be able to rip from pandora!

And to endlessness, I'd use firefox, use foxyproxy, and start ripping!

I love pandora, it used to not go to sleep either, but they made it so if you are inactive for so long the stream stops. I am thinking of making a quick and dirty java applet that wiggles the mouse and adjusts some things inside pandora to prevent that from happening. Combine that with an auto ripping program, and you put your computer to work for a few weeks without turning it off, and next thing you know you have a few gig's of music! Thanks pandora!
Pandora is wonders if you hop use multiple computers in your day;; if you stick to one, last.fm is a bit more library specific

excellent resources in the both of them
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