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Passion Flower Extraction Tek. *With Pics*

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Hello friends, I thought I would document some of my findings with p. incarnata and get some feedback.


Now I know this plant is not the first choice for harmine alks and I had dismissed it completly for years. About a year ago I had around 100mg of amber colored crystalline extract I made from p incarnata. DO NOT DO THIS > Swim foolishly ingested it with a large dose of 2c-I and nearly had to be hospitalized. The effects were that of 10 doses of 2c-i *It felt.* After that I have became rather interested in studying this plant.

Extraction Process:

Step 1. I powderized 2 ounces of p. incarnata leaves/ flowers with a coffee grinder.

Step 2. This powder was added to an amount of warm distilled water to completely cover the powder and the solution sat for 10 minutes.

Step 3. The Solution was filter twice through reg. coffee filters, and transferred to a new beaker.

Step 4. 2-4 drops of household vinegar 5% was added to the solution and stirred, 5 minutes later 2 drops of household ammonia was added and immediate reaction was noticed. This solution was allowed to sit in the frigde overnight and precipitate has settled to bottom.





^Adding Vin/Ammonia.





I am doing the first washes as of now and will report back with results/ Finished tek. Just wanted to give a preview of these tests.


I have used this tek many times in the past and have actually had good results. from 2-4 oz of plant material I have aqquired 200mg+ of white crystalline alk. I am well aware of p. incarnatas alk % from other ppls work and am only trying to test plants I have grown for years. *Virtually unlimited supply* And I tek most of the day with other plants.

Notes: Under magnification from previous tests have shown small crystalline blocks, similar to what I have noticed with pure harmine from caapi.

I do not know 100% if this is harmines precipitating, however the solution glows heavily under black light, resembles harmine under mag, and would be reasonable to assume. I will be further examining the end result.


Please feel free to comment, criticize, or give input/ suggestions on this. That is why i posted :)

Thanks friends.
- Inlighten.
i made a post a while ago about doing a similar extraction with 55g of p. caerulea or however you spell it. it was a complete failure, i just got syrupy mix of nothing. so it seems p incarnata is the only working type
I used to drink passionflower tea for sleeplessness and haven't used it in years. I harvested about a pound of leaves today. After drying them, I processed them into a fine mix and began soaking in warm distilled h2o for about an hour while agitating a few times. Once filtered, you could see swirls of high concentrations of something. I warmed the solution and added vinegar. I started adding chilled ammonia until precipitate formed, then agitated and set in freezer for an hour. The once amber liquid has a florescent glow now and some off-colored precipitate has formed in the bottom. It is in the fridge on its second fresh water wash now. Have we confirmed the chemicals present in this precipitate? Will post pictures soon.
Interesting ..
Will this P. Incarnata harmine crystal extract work well for an Aya experiance with spice?

Or is it still an ongoing experement?

The p.incaranta below is very efective for as a sleep aid...

I guess this formula is way weaker than your extracted crystals ....


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Evap off the alcohol, allow it to dry. I dont think the MAOI flavanoids smoke well the effects are always much much shorter lived and not as fully encompassing as a tea.
The tincture you have there should add some synergy and potentiation.
Inlightin said:
Passion Flower Harmine Extraction:

Step 4. 2-4 drops of household vinegar 5% was added to the solution and stirred, 5 minutes later 2 drops of household ammonia was added and immediate reaction was noticed. This solution was allowed to sit in the fridge overnight and precipitate has settled to bottom.
Trying this now.

Do you mean droppers full or just drops.


I just played it safe and used drops not whole droppers full. I hope I didn't waste the passionflower.
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