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Phalaris Project

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It was really hard to let go and not resist but once I break through the transition is instant and is such a big relief. Like there was such big mental strain until it happens. I've read many toad venom, and smoked and oral synthetic 5-meo-dmt reports that sound accurately similar to my experience with this aquatica cultivar. I doubt the main alkaloid would be something else. Analysis will arrive soon to confirm.

The extract from this clone has two types: cold and warm weather extracts. In warm weather the extract effects feels exactly like 5-meo-dmt. In cold weather the extract feels milder less edgy and the effects are extended for longer period with much less tolerance build up between smoked hits.

Enzymes are known to work less efficiently at cold temperatures and mono methylated tryptamines might become the predominant make up of the extract with colder temperatures. The yield however doesn't seem effected much with change in temperature.
dithyramb said:
Monomethylated tryptamines? You mean 5 MeO NMT is one of the main alkaloids in your winter aquatica?
At this point, analysis of the two extracts becomes somewhat imperative. The prospect of a confirmed 5-MeONMT source is highly interesting...
Hi All!
I find a book from the 90's ,few experiment ,resources about Phalaris strains,etc . :

The cultivation,preparation and shamanic use of psychotropic plants.1994 Jim DeKome

I hope its useful and will help ,support this work ,

Love ya all!



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I was drying and powederizing the grass and while processing it I inhaled quiet a bit of fine dust each time I open the coffee grinder. Few minutes later I felt a bit of high. Intrigued with this I wiped the inner walls of the grinder with my finger and rubbed it underneath my tongue. Few more minutes and I was having the smoothest lost organic psychedelic high. It also came in waves and amazing closed eye visuals of underwater creatures; mermaid, sea grass, and octopus. Nice deep and gentle body euphoria with a bright colourful mood.

As it started I was still unsure if whether or not it was placebo effect or some kind of flash back from previous journeys but then I had the convincing answer as it peaked.

I'm speechless 😁
downwardsfromzero said:

This was your usual aquatica cultivar? That's pretty amazing and I'm very pleased for you!

Thank you! Yes it's the same cultivar. Dry leaves powder is by far the most potent weight wise. There was a slight nausea in my stomach around the peak. I didn't swallow the powder i just rubbed it underneath my tongue then spit it out.

Weight wise it doesn't make any sense but the effects are compelling. This actually felt much better than the Intranasal extract.

I chewed and quid ~20g fresh leaves last year and while it was active, it wasn't anything like today accident with the dry powder.

The reports on erowid of tea spoon worth of grass juice being active isn't far fetched after all. I need to try this again tomorrow and see how far I can go with tbis.
Used half a teaspoon powder sublingually this morning. While it brought light effects it was nowhere as close as yesterday even though it was the same dose.

The inhalation of the fine dust seems crucial for full effects. I will try snorting it next time around. And then drinking it alone as a tea.
If it was going to be active by itself, the best bet would be consuming whole material... And if it turned out not to be toxic... This is perfect news!

Another friend had reported sea creature visions from AQ1 orally with either rue or Caapi.

The spirit of the plant comes forth most impeccably when consumed whole. Extracts can be a blockage in this regard.

I am certainly encouraged to experiment in this way with various local aquatica strains now.

And you used such a tiny amount! That could even be non toxic on top of rue!
..thanks for this update Sidisheikh.mehriz..

await with great interest further reports, and analysis
with the amounts you're talking about, and via inhalation or sublingually, we may well be looking at a Non-alkaloidal component, perhaps volatile, that aids small blood vessel absorption and/or is also psychoactive..i've encountered such candidates in plants..but also stress that working with fresh material can bring in other factors (as mentioned)..

analysis will be especially insightful, as i have known cases where someone has been convinced (from previous experience) that a plant had 5meo in it, and it turned out not to (in your case and given its phalaris it well may be) ...and also some multi-alkaloid mixes of lesser known tryptamines/betacarbolines can have unexpected effects..though HPLC of the kind presumably being done will not pick up the kind of compounds i'm theorising about before..

..also agree with dithyramb re whole plant vs extract...the latter of which doesn't reveal the full scope or character of a plant..

the collaborative work and commentary in the nexus, in a thread like this, are a beacon..
Am taking 10g dry phalaris tea alone today. And have 64g dry powder cooked and waiting extraction. I used a lab scale this time around to accurately measure the extraction yeild.

I am collaborating with a local agronomic lab specialized in animal crop science. Aquatica is part of their projects so we might as well receive some proper analysis with HPLC chemical standards for each main alkaloid: gramine, DMT, 5-meo-dmt, 2-betacarboline, Tyramine, methyl-tyramine, hordenine, and maybe even monomethylated tryptamines if possible.


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The pain every kitchen chemist knows... :roll:


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2.5g worth of dry powder tea was drank on it's own was inactive. Might say there was some sedation effect but that's about it.

Half the dose drank after rue was pretty strong so we can safely say the grass doesn't contain enough MAOI activity on its own

Also finished extracting the 64g dry powder and got this amber oil that looks like THC resin. Because it's an oily sticky mess I couldn't weigh it unfortunately but it looks like 150mg eyeballed to me.

I tried it intranasally, sublingually and smoked with Tabacco. All methods work but smoking seems the most efficient of them all dose wise but the effects are much shorter lasting. It's the same trend as last year as it gets colder extracts are becoming milder. I catched it this time in the transition phase so it's neither too strong neither mild just right.


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This much is pretty active intranasally and sublingually but smoked I need even smaller amounts. I'm sure the extract had no lye contamination but it's still alkaline enough to cause chemical burn underneath my tongue 1nd inside my nose.

I administered the freebase oil this time


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..thanks for the updates Sidisheikh.mehriz
following the developments..i guess a major question now is fresh vs dry with rue..
but also, as you're finding possible seasonal or climatic fluctuation, this could of course still vary..

Following a Seasonal Relationship with a plant is a deep alliance in itself, accepting the various changes in alkaloid and qualitative experience through the year, as the plant itself follows changing biosphere conditions..
Yes, nen. My own plant journey has emphasized the seasonal variance in all plants that I have worked with. This seems to be a fundamental difference between tropical and non-tropical plants. Tryptamine containing plants only follow the same seasonal patterns as all other plants in their ecosystems, they are not an exceptional phenomenon. This makes creating an Ayahuasca analogue an extremely rigorous project because one has to locate the optimum time period of the year for harvest.

A recent hypothesis I had was that 5 MeO DMT producing plants produce more of it in the Fall (peak) and Winter, and DMT is produced more in the Spring (peak) and Summer. It follows my observation with various grasses, and also if 5 MeO DMT is a defense against mammals and DMT is a defense against insects, it would make sense. Of course, the concentration of the mentioned alkaloids is only one parameter in the volatility of the plants, and the evolution of their totality is complex and just needs to be experienced to have an idea of.

And about fresh vs dry. Yes. With rue and without rue, oral fresh vs dry plant tea has to be studied.
dithyramb said:
A recent hypothesis I had was that 5 MeO DMT producing plants produce more of it in the Fall (peak) and Winter, and DMT is produced more in the Spring (peak) and Summer. It follows my observation with various grasses, and also if 5 MeO DMT is a defense against mammals and DMT is a defense against insects, it would make sense.

And about fresh vs dry. Yes. With rue and without rue, oral fresh vs dry plant tea has to be studied.
.. that's a completely valid and fascinating hypothesis dithyramb
I can really resonate with that...Also, unlike DMT, 5meo combined with betacarbolines or other maoi inhibiting substances has the ability to bring a large bipedal mammal down, like totally down..there is also evidence in acacias that excessive animal grazing triggers release of cyanogenic glycosides as a defence..so rate of harvesting could be another factor..
but yeah maybe DMT is like a big web for insects

intelligence, precision and intuition are all required to assess these unknowns safely

re fresh vs dry...yes, fresh without rue isn't clear to me..also boiling length will have an effect, not just in how much alkaloid is drawn into the water, but also can affect changes, such as removal of glycosides, even conversion of beta-carbolines..

this is the collective edge of where human intelligence has been able to permeate the mystery of these plants..
There is fresh vs dry, and there is boiled vs simmered and there is added acid or no acid. That makes 8 case studies.

However, the safest case for oral use with rue, without a doubt would be dried, simmered, no acid added.
If this turns out to still give side effects, then the oral medicine from this plant project can be abandoned (which is what happened with the 5-MeO-DMT dominant aquatica strain that I was experimenting with two years ago. It still gave an unpleasant stimulation in the legs, and also it still blocked rue).

If boiling is required for destruction of glycosides, the filtered simmered tea can still be boiled, as is done usually for concentration anyways.

Then there is the eating dried powder method, as recently mentioned by sidhi, which could perhaps be a/the viable way if such little material is required that it does not give side effects.

Thanks for giving your feedback on the seasonal tryptamine graph hypothesis, nen. Most recently I had been sharing that phragmites most likely has 5 MeO NMT instead of 5 MeO DMT. My latest revision suggests that it most likely has both, and the earliest growth of the year, which starts in December and takes speed in February in the southern, warmest part of the country I live in, (for me experientially) has a clear 5 MeO DMT dominant profile... and is compatible with rue. It just starts off with an intensified heart rate but never feels life threatening, and it normalizes after a short while.

5 MeO DMT with rue, as experienced through (dried, simmered, no acid added) phragmites is more healing for me than DMT only, and I prefer it. The experience from the earliest growth is colorless and as the season advances into spring, it gets very colorful and visionary. But the 5 component is always there , thankfully.
Thanks everyone for the encouragement and for your interest I really appreciate it.
Today I tried a higher dose sublingually but there was no increased psychedelic effects, only increased body high.

Yet the same extract smoked is highly psychedelic. I wiped the extract wax with a small piece of cotton and placed it underneath my tongue. It felt like MDMA. Strong body high but not very psychedelic.
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