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Phalaris Project

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I've personally had no contributions in the realm of phalaris, but have followed your work @dithyramb (as well as Chimp Z) .. while phalaris may not have turned out the teacher you are after, your contributions will no doubt connect it to many others. I think one of the beautiful things about this thread is that phalaris has come to be seen as a teacher unto itself, rather than simply an alternative route to obtaining DMT.

I'm with Transform on the phragmites curiosity ;) .. Its quite a stunning plant and it grows everywhere around here. Will you continue to work with it?
I'm totally behind @dithyramb's decision to focus silently on their phragmites work. All the presently available literature should be sufficient for a dedicated student who wishes to work with this plant.

The common reed has been a part of human culture since time immemorial. Given this alongside the variable nature of phragmites, it makes sense to play the long game in developing a healing relationship with this ancient and evocative plant teacher.
All the best with your phragmite endeavors. It grows all over here. Sadly I don’t have the time to explore it at the moment.

Curious though, if anyone has any thoughts in using Phalaris as a snuff, like the Amazonian Rapéh.
I have some Big Medicine that I harvested the first sprouts of the season and was thinking about grinding it up and giving it a go.
Dithy - thank you for all the work that you have done to bring our understanding of phalaris deeper. some of your 'trip reports' have directly inspired me to explore the phalaris family, and I deeply appreciate your perspective on working with the plant medicines. All the best on your continued journey with phragmites, and I hope you will stay active in the phalaris conversation to share some of the knowledge that you have gained.

On my end, I feel like these grasses have been waiting for me to find them, as they are blossoming in some of my favorite nature places... so far I have found quite a few patches of p minor (identified by the toothy glume) on the hill under my familie's sunset tree (where we sit to watch the sunset) on the edge of the forest, a patch of aquatica near a spring outside our village, and a patch of what appears to be brachystachys (id still in process) near a spring that I often visit on my way to town. All special places to me in natural spiritual kind of way.

20240411_162655.jpg 20240401_175115.jpg

So I have begun to collect a little bit of the grass each time I visit these places, with the intention to collect a decent sample size for further research. As I read through experiences of other members of the nexus and reflect on my own intentions, I realize that looking for an 'aya analogue' in not a really accurate description of this exploration, but rather opening a new relationship with a healing plant, which may or may not include use with rue or another maoi. I have some thought that these grasses may connect to a secret eurasian plant medicine practice that is in some ways analagous to the aya traditions of south america...


Experiences so far with the grass - first off is the shift in consciousness from searching for and gathering the grass - I find that it brings me into awareness of the intricate details of nature and their beauty, especially in the springtime now when everything is blossoming (some non-phalaris photos attached)


Chewed on a leaf or two from the suspected brachystachys patch, keeping the quid in my gums for a good 15-20 minutes, felt a shift in mindspace seemingly beyond placebo (im a bit sensitive to plant medicine in general), an increase in sensitivity and feeling of calmness, and a tiny bit of the 'trippy grins'. Smoked a dried leaf from the same in a bowl of cannabis and felt a similar -but much shorter lasting - change in headspace, also a moment of the 'trippy grins'. Chewed on a leaf from a well watered p minor patch, followed by a leaf from a p minor patch on an arid hillside - much smaller and drier with a salty taste in addition to the familiar grassy sweetness - an almost immediate shift in headspace, to something like a mushroom microdose with a somewhat stoniness like a gentle pull into the subconscious realms - this change in consciousness lasted for several hours and Im fairly certain this wa not placebo.

Next steps are to be determined - safety is a major priority. Possibly making a gentle tea with the suspected brachys. Planning to take some opportunities to connect with rue alone (only really have experience in combination with mushrooms) to feel out if it's appropriate to combine with these grasses. Potentially making some extractions for enhanced leaf and sending for analysis. Open to suggestions and guidance.
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