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Pictorial Guide to Caapi Vine Alkaloid Extraction

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aetherbound said:
OK...I'v followed directions and basified the solution and no alk's are coming out...should I add more NaOH solution?...

Did you check the pH? Depending on how much acid you used, the solution might still be acidic. If so, add more base.

If the solution is strongly basic and there is no immediate precipitation, let it sit overnight. If there's still nothing, then you have very weak caapi.
Using this TEK on some "McKenna" red caapi vine.

112g "McKenna Red" young vine, shredded and pulverized in a coffee grinder.

Added material to pressure cooker w/ 1500mls water and 100mls vinegar. Cook at 15psi for 15mins.

Collected liquids and repeated with 1000mls H2O and 100mls vinegar. 15psi for 15mins

Repeated once more.

Reduced to 1000mls and added basic water (15g lye/200mls H2O)

The alks were very fluffy and wouldn't settle, so I added more basic water to thin down the solution. I let it sit for 48hrs and decanted the basic water.

I'll have some yeild results very soon, but I'm thinking this is a weak vine because the alks were so fluffy/floaty. I'll be super stoked if I get 2g of alks.
I'm about done with an extraction on some "McKenna red" myself Bezerker. I won't have a yield for about 2 more days but I'm guessing it'll be around 1% from the looks of it. Like you said the alks are very fluffy and don't want to fully settle until well past 24 hours.
Yield results for "McKenna Red young vine"

Starting material: 112g
Alks freebase: .05g (Still have to collect leftovers, but very little)

.04% yield = SHITTY!!

1. Very very weak material?
2. Pressure cooker didn't get all the goodies out? (PC worked great when I did this tek with unground rue seeds)

I'm getting some black caapi vine (trueno) and will repeat. I'm very let down with the McKenna Red. You would think something branded by McKenna would actually have some magic in it.
I'm guessing the pressure cooker didn't get all the alks out. It may be weak vine but I doubt it is that weak, I did an extraction on the same type of vine and I'm not finished but it looks like there is at least a gram from a quarter pound. I think short cook times are the biggest factor. Did you throw the material away? I noticed I got alot more alkaloids out of it after freezing it for 24 hours and doing a couple more washes. How young was your vine? Mine was about the width of my thumb or about ~.75 inches
The vine was about the diameter of a cigarette on average and not very dense.

I don't want to discount the pressure cooker just yet. It works great for cactus and rue. Usually 3 pulls at 15psi for 15mins gets most of the goodies.

Instead of repeating with the same vine, I'm going to try a smaller batch with some black vine.

Still a bummer for all the effort....live and learn. My rue extraction got over 18g of mixed harmala freebase off 1lb of rue. Thats worth the effort.:d
Edit - nevermind, did some research and answered my own question. my plan is to use sodium carbonate to base out harmine first, then follow up with food grade lime as my stronger base to get the harmaline out seperately. will keep them in separate containers and do a few basic washes, and an additional acid/base if the products look.

curious on how to figure out how much base to add to a given amount of water to achieve desired PH. i am going to do a trial on 100G rue first, and was thinking of reducing to 200ml after filtering. is there a PH calculator online or something i can reference to figure out how much of my bases i need to add in order to get to desired PH?

Edit 2- found such a tool right here on the nexus! seems most any ? can be answered here if you spend enough time reading.

link to PH calculator of acids/bases in solution - Freebase percentage AND pH calculator - Advanced/Enhanced chemistry - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

thanks in advance, looking forward to using this tek.
Well, I just finished an extraction on 50g white vine. Not too sure of the yield since i've broken my scale. Pretty white/slightly off-white :) Did several more washes near the end to yieldddd:



Very excited to try with my mullein/bluelotus/dmt blend. 😁
So I was able to fix my scale :) Wasn't calibrated. It came out to 1.1g. :D

Just weighed and tried 20mg sublingual. Dissolved rather quickly. Virtually no taste or anything. I always seem to feel the sublingual harmalas in my arms first. My arms get real lite. And the minimal mental chatter that comes about ceases to nearly nothing. Peaceful :thumb_up:

Thanks once again gibran.
please someone help.

I followed everything perfectly for my first batch. On my second try with the leftovers liquid, when it was time to put the naoh with the water after the vinegar step which take out the impurities, I skip the naoh step and put the liquid in my restovers of the last step (the rinse part).
Now, I redid the naoh step and I think it went well, well I thought. Now what I have is all the precipitate, because it did precipitate, but now it floats on top of the water. What does that mean? Is it still safe, I did 3 rinse and the precipitate floats on top of the water... What can I do?
murphythecat said:
What can I do?

try put it in the fridge over night hopefully when you open the fridge next day you will see alkaloids settled on the bottom. just give some time , be patient :)
murphythecat yeah the sun is fine, but I'd suggest placing a stocking over the bowl (stretch it over) so that no (or rather minimal) dust etc... settles onto it.
Apoc said:
Oh, then that would actually be a good thing if one is interested in the harmine and not the harmaline :)
Why would one want that please, I really have no idea about the difference.

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