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Playlist for J Hopkins psilo studies.

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That is one monster of a psychedelic playlist! I know what I'll be listening to for the next week! Thanks Null!


Edit: Just saw Enya was on there, if ever there was a soothing voice...my oh my!
Thankyou for sharing this null24, i've previously wondered about the music they used in the psilocybin studies so it's lovely to have a listen. Will be incorporating a few of these into the playlist for sure.

I'll check out the book aswell as it looks to be a good read. :)
Adagio for Strings *shivers*

Though when I try and follow the link on the page it says "Video is unavailable" for some reason. I found another live string quartet playing it here:


That sends shivers right down my spine.
Thanks for this, was wondering about the playlist too and as a coincidence I'm almost done reading the book!
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