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Please recommend any chemistry reading

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I found ocw.mit.edu's materials VERY helpful for learning math. They also have materials from chemistry courses, though I have no idea what their quality is. Might be worth checking out, though.

Link. All chem courses start with 5.XXX, with smaller numbers in XXX generally indicating easier courses.
CosmicGeometer said:
Hi, I am new here but I thought I would reply.

By far one of the best textbooks you can get for Organic Chemistry is Clayden:

You can probably get the basics of chemical bonding, with a decent understanding of how quantum mechanics is applied to chemistry from this book without the background in general chemistry.
Man this book is a killer. It is enough to ward off anyone away from chemistry.

Acolon once started a thread on basic chemistry where everyone's more than welcome to explain a particular topic (if s/he likes) in layman's terms as much as possible. People can also ask questions and they will be answered promptly, thus making learning more interactive.
Wow, you think that Clayden would scare someone away from chemistry? I was terrified of chemistry in college, and thanks to Claydens book, I ended up getting my MS in Organic. Everyone I have ever met who has run across this book has loved it.
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