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Rising Star
On this lion's morning, I sit
So Calm
The light, the gentle stillness,
My care-heart carries the weight of the world
(oh, it's so heavy) easily.

As the base of a mountain, I rest.
My humanity trembles,
Soon. Quite soon the landslide
will expose my foundations,
Magma will erupt and dissolve
this hard-won moment of fortitude.

Even in the extent of the solid earth,
There is no peace.​
Have you ever seen another person dancing to the music in your head?
I have.
Do not doubt my experience,
Without it we are nothing.​

Trust your heart.
If you don't know that the whole cosmos
Is contained within,
You will live forever in some foreign universe,
Continually weighed down by other's hearts.​


That's all I got for now folks...
Thanks for reading.
Tis The Final Incarnation ill Play the Game
Terrra's Terra
Longest of em all
Im on inside, Others come in
Rainbow God Body, Rainbow god Feelings, Rainbow God Senses

This is the final One Im sorry
This is the final one Thank You
This is the final one Your Welcome
good Bye .

Cant really talk on these types of poems which avg Human, in japan Jisei i think it is called. Japanese death poems.

Something like that poem when im very old and on my death bed , what i would like for my last words to be. Will more then likely evolve as i age, but much rather have the foundation so to speak of the death poem in my l8 20s .
Or something else born from insanity.
Maybe it's just the shadow of a beast in me,
That wants to show the light, the beauty

Of a world so overrun,
A world filled with depression.
The light is surely trying,
but it's hard to hear over the souls that are crying.

- - - -

Poetry is surprisingly a nice way to relax sometimes...and release all of those thoughts that might otherwise clutter up the present mind.
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