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Poppy Tea

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SWIM has never tried Poppy Tea before. What is it like? I know there are obviously major addictive qualities, but is it something that people find can be used and enjoyed on occasion without abuse? Is it easy to make?
very easy to make but swim finds it to be better as a medicine - keep a bag of them in the cupboard and use them for pain or insomnia - very nice stuff tho.
Swim never had poppy tea cause he's not really interested,but does have some bad insomnia would poppy tea help at somewhat low doses so he feels somewhat normal the next morning?
If one has little or no opiate tolerance than the experience can be enjoyable similar to a dose of opiates.

These pods are not legal to ingest but are sold all over the place for decorative and craft purposes. One should start off with a low dose a few pods. Better safe than sorry, these are opiates and can KILL. Dosage varies by type of pod, batch and individual. Make sure to get the correct pods Pap somniferum pods. Gigantums are a good strain. Do NOT get tazmanium as they have high levels of theobaine and low morphine.

Grind up the pods.
Steep into water for 1 hour plus to get all the alkaloids out. A small amount of lemon juice (citric acid) may enhance the effectiveness of the extraction process.
Add some sugar and honey and choke it down. It is not too bad tastes like bitter hay/grass but it is def kind of gross. The taste alone will prevent someone from using this daily.

Effects will be felt in 20-40 minutes. If after an hour no effects are felt take some more. There are many forms about proper beginner doses SWIM suggests SWIY check them out. Effects can lasts a few hours and can make one euphoric as well as drowsy and itchy like opiates. While the primary effects are from morphine and codeine the other alkaloids make the buzz unique. Also be aware that some people get throw up the first few times.
You could do this, then evaporate and eat the residue. The resulting residue has an opium like consistency. If done with vinegar (acetic acid) even more so than with alcohol as there will be less fats. The alc extract will be less viscous and more oily. A soxhlet is not needed but could be used. Just heat the pods for several hours in a pot of vinegar. Then evap the vinegar and collect the residue. Some people smoke the residue like opium although it is very very weak. It would be better to just eat a chunk calculate the correct dose of course or you could OD easily. It really does look like incredibly like opium but it doesn't smell or burn like the real stuff. I believe people online call this preparation flake opium. There are forums which talk about this stuff.
bufoman, after you steep the ground pods do you drink the ground bits and pieces down with the tea or do you use a tea ball to keep the grains out of the liquid somehow?
I find that pod tea is usually slightly stimulating and does not work well for me with insomnia. It is a GREAT pain killer and can be used recreationally on occasion.

I do find that it takes a few days for the body to get used to before a good opiate buzz can be reached. Unforutnately when the body gets used to opiates, it REALLY gets used to them and addiction follows close behind. Be careful with 'em.

A tea is easiest to make. Simple extractions always result in "pod putty" which as stated above is VERY weak, and almost unsmokable. It is almost a complete waste of time imho to make even a simple alcohol extraction.

Do be careful, an o/d from opiates CAN kill. Go slow, and don't drink it daily unless you really want a great ape hanging on your back day and night. Trust me, I've been there, done that, it ain't fun.
I don't quite get it myself. But it's true.

Granted you need a lot less extract than pods to get the same effect, but the extract is very hard to work with, sticks to everything, tastes horrible, won't go into capsules, and requires a lot of material to feel anything.

The tea can be made palatable (coffee, sugar, and milk, or cinnamon, sugar and milk works well) The extract cannot, and eating 10-20 caps has never been a fun thing for me.
in researching this a bit, there are abundant warnings about the obvious addictive qualities when using opiates. Do those of you that indulge in poppy tea every once in awhile find that its not too difficult to do so without coming dangerously close the the addiction/abuse threshold? Is it a positive experience or does it feel somewhat like you're flirting with potential disaster in exchange for a nice "buzz'? At my age SWIM just wants to be safe that he is not making a really bad decision in going down this path.
I love a good cup of poppy tea every now and again its very soothing and relaxing and if you are in any pain at all the pain just disappears. It works amazingly as a natural pain killer, but i also enjoy the calm soothing affects it has. My dreams are also greatly enhanced and far more lucid. Yes there is a chance of the poppy tea becoming addictive so use should be keep at a minimal amount eg: A few times a year :d

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poppy tea is no more or less addictive then morphine,

some where, i forget where, i read on a message board someting that was extacted from a DEA reprot
of south east asian h production, with a link to the site, and low and behold it was a complete guide
from planting, fretelizers and harvesting,
to the on site prodution of morphine base done by the framers them selves,( useing fifty gallon drums, a heating element, and simple ph change to get the goods out

this report stated that the opium sap collected is mostly refined for smoking, and that the sun dried pods which are collected at the end of the season are most potnet in the opiate, you guseed it, morphine, and that its where the farming really pays off
so one can asume this is true for the dried pods on the market as well.

so in drinking the tea that is what one should consider, and also that from batch to batch alkloid levels with very, there is a very sad story on the net of a young lad with hippy (open minded) parents, who having seen the way seed tea(not even pods, but the seeds one buys for cullinary purposes) helped relvie his teenage emotional anxeity, allowing the child they had known him to be to come back to the sruface, decided it was an ok occasional thing, that they could moderate. what turned them on was that it was natural, and clearly better then some of the addcitive diazapines.
one batch just happened to be particularily strong, they didnt know, and now they run the site "poppy tea can kill"
word to the wise
Why? Is talk about certain botanicals not allowed at the Nexus?! I hope not! That would be REALLY disappointing!

If this thread is turning into an "opium and morphine thread" it will have to go...

I would HOPE that this is a Poppy thread and that we can talk about any natural or traditional preparation of ANY botanical. I'd understand if we were talking about making Heroin or something! But surely we can talk about Poppies!
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