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Possibly a stupid question about the GVG...

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I feel like i've been loading my GVG wrong. I took out the ceramic pad and added a fair amount of steel mesh. Enough so that it's packed, but you can still inhale through. I replaced the ceramic pad. When it's time to journey, i sprinkle FB DMT or enhanced leaves on top of the ceramic pad. Then i light it up with a torch lighter, far away at first and moving closer slowly, until i get the sweet spot.

Is this wrong? Or more correctly, is this less efficient?
Your information is confusing. Are you putting your DMT on top of your ceramic pad?

I guess you mix up the ceramic pad and the liquid pad?
if i'm understanding you correctly, you are actually putting the spice on the very top - if there is nothing between the flame and where you put the spice, you will, most likely, burn it.

the ceramic disc on the top, removable piece of the pipe acts as a buffer between the spice which is under it. when the ceramic disc heats up it forces the heat down into your spice so it melts and vaporizes. the flame should never touch, or be even near the spice. you just can't control the amount of heat very well that way.

your flavor disc, choreboy or whatever you are using goes underneath the top glass piece.
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