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pretty hesitant to try haramline + dmt fumarates

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does anyone have any advice for me?

like, an eyeball dosage helper please? whats a reasonable dose for harmine/harmala/thh fumarate? and how many spatulas is that? Im sorry for the noob question but I can't get any scales at the moment, I have no idea where they went.

could be a bit of a can of worms there. Maybe a ball of harmalas slightly bigger than a pea and finely chopped dmt fumerate 1/4 size of a piece of sweet corn. I can take little bits of DMT at a time and gradually build up so that's the best method if you don't want to overshoot.

Personally I wouldn't do this without scales, though I did the first time I used pharma and got lucky and had a lovely light trip. I've just seen so much variation in density after owning scales to do this again comfortably.
For pharma, I would NEVER eyeball my dose. Pharma in itself is unpredictable and adding eyeballing to the mix is just asking for trouble as in underdose or way a too intense experience.

Really, wait till you have a good scale before you dive into this.

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Right guys. A little too much DMT can bring you to places that you are not prepared for. The difference between 110mg and 125mg of DMT is the difference between going to China and going to Saturn. If you eyeball your dose, have your spacesuit and adult diapers ready.
You can pick up a nice mg scale for $85-$95. Just wait ,,save some money and buy that first.

The first time SWIM did pharma with 200mg Caapi Copy & 40mg FASI Fumarate weighed out...even though being weighed out...yeah... still a very unpredictable experience and was pretty intense. Full breakthrough and contact with the luminous quantum grid! :) . Its soo hard to eye ball mg doses of harmalas and such. Different densities depending on each substance.

Trust me, I know at times your anxious and want to get the ball rolling...I can be like that at times myself hehe :)

but sometimes patients pays off ;)

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ms_manic_minxx said:
Can one really soil a diaper while physically disintegrated?

somehow gazes at the energetic dispersal of death and flow seeing smells and understanding split between the melding of the soulular crossfade
this stuff is different for each person..start low and then work up to find your own personal dose..i mean i have heard everything from 7 grams caapi to 300 grams caapi...5 grams mimosa to 20 grams mimosa..25mg DMT to 200mg DMT...

I dont believe that there is a set dose for these things...one person can need 5 times as the next to get to the same place..
mumbles said:
Buy some scales. Don't try eyeball such small doses they will end up much larger and you won't enjoy it.

Having a good scale SWIM did some experiments to establish what could be an error with eyeballing. She's found that when eyeballing 50 mg an error of 50% is not uncommon. That is even if a minute ago you have seen what 50 mg exactly looks like. Not having a reference point the error may be even greater. There are so many parameters you cannot consider while eyeballing. Experiencewise this makes a HUGE difference.

Another drawback of eyeballing is that with such a wide margine of error you would not have a reliable benchmark for future experiences.

Even using scales people sometime make mistakes. To exclude such possibility SWIM, for example, have a number of standard weights to check the scales before measuring substances.
xtechre said:
Shoe man.

I know xtechre, total loss of all respect with this question.

@Trickster: I'd just like to point out that weighing out your dosage is still prone to error, differences in potency from batch to batch etc.
shoe said:
xtechre said:
Shoe man.
@Trickster: I'd just like to point out that weighing out your dosage is still prone to error, differences in potency from batch to batch etc.

You're right, but the fewer are the unknowns, the more consistent are the results. It is difficult to have quantitative analysis, but relatively easy to weigh the spice.

Besides, with the same batch when you weigh your dose correctly once, you have a reference point for the whole batch.
Buy some mg sales otherwise you will underdose and waste it, or overdose and have a bad time. Scales people! No one can eyeball such small amounts accurately.
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