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Residual Naptha Evaporation


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I just did my first DMT extraction and I'm now trying to get the residual Naptha to evaporate from the crystal left in my Pyrex dish. It seems a little oily and I'm wondering if there are any tips or tricks to getting it to evaporate. I've dumped the bulk of the naotha back into my plant matter jar for my second pull and have my crystals in the Pyrex sitting in front of a fan. Any suggestions on speeding up the evaporation process.


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Based on your photo there is barely any naptha left. Letting it sit for an another hr or so you can be pretty sure there's no solvent left in it.. the oily stuff underneath is likely something from the plant matter. Could be NMT or even some polymer of DMT that doesn't crystalize well? I haven't gotten to grips with the polymer thing but @Transform is knowledgeable here. There's always the possibility that its some kind of residual plant oil that wasn't removed. My bet is its probably still active though.
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