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Second Time, accidental double dose breakthrough

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This morning I used the same procedure I used yesterday and was a bit disappointed because it didn't really work. I used 35mg this time, increased from 33 yesterday. Same procedure. Huh. I wonder what I did wrong. Maybe I burnt it or something.

I was only going to use it in the morning, but it didn't work. 8 hours later I decided to try again.
Same result. What's going on here. 40 mg this time and it didn't work.

It melted the spice ok, it sucked the lighter flame in a bit. But minimal effect. Oh the duct tape I was using to seal the tube in the machine has come loose I wonder if I missed some. I rubbed it closed.

I lit it again and toked and wow, so amazingly intense. Fractal patterns everywhere so much movement. A cube that kept inverting about 3' in front of me. a language that meant something. But english words meant something else. associations with a town I grew up in. and every thing in psychedelic colours.
Terrifyingly intense. Only terrifying because it was so intense and so absolutely otherworldly. As with yesterday I am amazed at the precision in the visuals. Everything pulsating . Everything so fast. It's half an hour later now and i'm still shaking. WOW... I did that voluntarily ... WOW.
If I close my eyes I still have some visuals. I still feel a deep exhalation in my feet. I know what flying through hyperspace means. Words just aren't getting anywhere near close to describing this.
😁 Welcome to the Nexus, sparrow. Your description of your experience brings back vivid memories of some of my first encounters with the spice, especially regarding its being terrifyingly intense. :lol: It's amazing how we choose to put ourselves through such experiences, yet at the same time I feel like living one's whole life without experiencing the DMT flash is sad in a way, because they're missing such an intensely personal and intimately meaningful experience.
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