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Skunks Ethnobotanical Garden

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Skunks Ethnobotanical Garden

Figured that since I'm a Full Member of DMT NEXUS that I'd share my horticultural journey in the pursuit of homegrown ethnogens. I hope to one day be self sufficient when it comes to certain substance. I really hope with the help of the community and all the great extraction teks that the Skunk may find some simple teks he could be able to follow and eventually learn to master. I'm a little cautious/weiry when it comes to extractions so hopfully in time all the pieces will come together to complete the puzzle.

Some of the other ethnogenic plants I'm growing are simply because I'm interested in Active Species and in the horticulture and conservation of these plants. Things such as Datura species are strictly for the horticultural aspect and the pretty blooms 'the skunk' is a sucker for pretty flowers.

Currantly I've got a few projects that have been rolling for a while (Poppies, Kannabis, Psychotria, P.Cubensis/PS.Cyanescens, Datura (Jimsom Weed/Devils Trumpet & Cacti. These specimens have been grow by this Skunk for some time now and have been secured into my collections. I'm able to produce Cuttings/Seeds/Prints so I am self sufficient with the above. I've got a few more I'll be able to add to the above list in the following weeks/Months. I have another thread in the Cacti section pertaining to my cacti and Succulents but will also share my cacti here in this thread. To keep it a complete grow log for all things I'm working on. Figure this was the best section of the forums for this type of grow log. Would be too time consuming and I wouldn't be able to keep multiple grow logs flowing if they were all over the forum

I'm currantly trying to add a lot of new species into my collections. Currantly working on securing (DMT containing plants (I have a few seedlings I'll trying to establish)/Coca/Banisteriopsis Caapi/Salvia Divinorum and a few others. I'm at various stages with some of these projects so this thread will be a grow log to document my journeys. In all honesty some of the plants i have growing probably won't pan out to be self sufficient in the Zone4b where I'm currantly residing due to our short growing season. But I do cultivate under lighting usually during out long and cold Winters. Let's me keep busy during the slow months

I have one room lit with a 400Watt-MH/HPS Switchable Ballest & a t5 Ballest with grow tubes used for clones and seedlings. This room is used for vegging plants under an 18/6 Schedule

And I have another room that runs 1000watt HPS and a 1000Watt MH. But usually just use the HPS as this is used for flower cycles on a 12/12 Schedule.

Well anyhow this will be my official thread I'll share 'Skunks Horticultural Journey to Spiritual Enlightenment'

Skunks Papaver Somniferum Grow:

Well I like to grow a few plants every year. Mainly for their pretty patio blooms, and to attract bees and hummingbirds who I've seen frequent my plants. I also save my pods and store them for medial purposes.

I haven't had too much experience with Opiates. Just wasn't my thing growing up and I never really came into contact with it. So my 1st experience with Opiates was from a sample from my own home grown pods. I made a simple tea extraction using a lemon tek 8and sampled that. It wasn't what I had expected. Definitely wasn't a recreational drug. But from my two times sampling potent tea, I realized saw it has some wonderful medical benefits. Definitely a plant I'll keep in Cultivation and if I ever need a heavy pain suppressant or some much needed rest in could utilize this plant for those purposes.

I've gotten pretty good at cultivating poppies, usually start them indoors then transplant them once they get a little older and have some cabbage leafs. This year I went a different route and sowed my seeds outdoors. They were shown to come up as start life so I'll have some late season blooms this year instead of some early season blooms. I don't have much to share just yet as they are young seedlings. I'll update my poppy grow as they progress this summer.

2017 Papaver Somniferum:

2016 Papaver Somniferum:

Here is a look back on last year's poppy season. Let's hope this currant year is as pretty as last year's.

Salvia Divinorum:

Well I have been chasing this plant for a few years now. It's a special plant to this Skunk as I had one of my most profound psychedelic experience, I'd like to be able to one day experiment with this plant and with the Alkiloid present in this plant. The experience left me wanting to revisit. She's not the easiest plant to aquire where I am. I had a chance last year when I was gifted a cutting. That one cutting I grew for 4 months and tuned it into 4 separate plants. But unfortunately I was away for 6 days at the hospital when our newest baby was born and lost all my Salvia Plants.

Just last weekend 'Saturday' I was able to snag one nice cutting I turned into 3 cuttings. These cuttings are going on day 5 rooting. So hopfully within another week I should have some roots beginning developing.

-I like to root Salvia Divinorum in straight Spagnum Moss made for reptile enclosures.
-tuck them under DIY humidity dome and mist and provide FAE twice a day. They are set under a t5 florescent grow lamp receiving filtered light.

5 day old Salvia Divinorum cuttings:

Cutting #1

Cutting #2

Cutting #3

Humidity dome:

Skunks Psychotia Garden:

These plants have proved the hardest to grow with it dry air. Even spraying multiple times a day I still get curled up leafs when they are opening up. Mainly my Psychotria Viridis and Bach#6 cutting. I have some Alba and Carthagenensis as well. One of my Carthagenensis cuttings came from Ontario Canada and has proven very interesting. As it handles our climate really well, wouldn't mind getting into some Grafting experiments sometime down the line ad time permits. But I've got a lot on my plate currantly.

Psychotria Viridis

Psychotria Viridis "Bach#6"

Psychotria Alba

Psychotria Carthagenensis

Skunks Psychotia Propagation:
-I'm expanding my cuttings with plans to set up a grow box where I can keep my RH higher than normal RH so hopfully I can begin to get some better growth. I've got an old turtle aquarium which is 400 Gallons so should be a decent size to grow a few Viridis plants in it.

Erythroxylum Novogranatense var. Novogranatense [/u]

This journey started about 10 Months ago. And will continue as I'm waiting on some more seeds to arrive this following week. Reason for sourcing some more seed is I want to be self sustaining and able to produce my own fruits/berry's/seeds and these plants are hard to propagate from cuttings. So hiofully I'll have a few more specimines go add to my collection on the following few months. Currantly I have this one plant. And being self sterile I'll need another plant at the very least.

Where it all started 10 Months ago......

Where I'm at now...

Skunks Mimosa Grows:

WELL I was having some great luck growing both Hostilis & Pudica. That was until last fall. My plants were about a year old coming the end of fall. So I made the move to bring them indoors for the winter months. That's when things took a turn for the worst and lost my Mimosa Hostilis; it didn't take long to parish either. Under 3 weeks until it was dead and there was nothing I could do. I honestly don't know what killed it either. My Pudica didn't fair much better and the poor little plants should have packed up roots and headed to the spirit world but still she's clinging to life and just Bearly.

Mimosa Hostilis:
Right now I've got a seedling that's about 1 week old. Not much to see but hopfully I'll have some better luck with this attempt.

Here's my Mimosa from last year when it was growing nicely and just b4 it died.

Mimosa Pudica

Here's is my currant plants. Older year and a half plant and my seedlings

My year old plant last summer.

inaniel said:
This is amazing! What kind of DIY humidity chamber do you make for your salvia?

It's a simple rubber made container I use for sowing seeds and raising clones. It has a reptile heating Matt attached to the under side of the lid. Bottom heat helps speed up root development. But can cause problems with lack of FAE.
The clear plastic part has holes (1/4" round) drilled through an inch apart around the bottom and top boarder of the clear plastic to allow FAE. I usually line the bottom with perlite so the growing medium isn't sitting in a puddle of collected water from the high humidity and misting's

I still open the tub at least 2 times a day and let the plants get some fresh air until I notice the leafs begin to droop. Once the drooping isn't noticed usually 1-2 weeks after taking the cutting, I'll begin the process of hardening them off to my Houses RH.

I won't go checking for roots, as I don't like disturbing the plants and the root development. After a week if the cuttings are still alive and looking good I take that as a sign they will survive. Mine will be one week on Saturday this weekend and look just the same as when they were cut.

Seeing as Salvia D cuttings are difficult at best to aquire at least for this skunk where I live... I choose too root them in sphagnum moss which has been pre-soaked then sterilized in the microwave. The moss also provides good air to the rooting zone needed for good root development; and retains water if packed properly nicely.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose - Argyreia Nervosa

Been growing the one large plant for just under a year. I had two others that I tried to get out doors this season, unfortunately they did not survive the hardening off process and quickly died off early this spring. But just in the last 2 week I've had another 4 seedlings sprout. So have a total of 5 plants at different stages.

She's growing really well in a south facing window, on our patio. These 4 plants will be grown here indoors with natural lighting.

Ololiuqui (Rivea corymbosa)
-this plant is about a year old. But since last summer she stalled out and went into a state of hibernation not growing anything at all. Then this spring she started putting out branches from nodes. So she's finally growing once again. Hopefully she will fill out.
This was her for the last year. Didn't grow am inch.

This is in the last 3 weeks.

Morning Glorys "Heavenly Blue"
-out door patio flowers my last year's didn't fair so well so hopefully these do better.

Moon Flowers "ipomoea alba"
Haven't had much success with this plant the 3 times I've tried growing it. I do grown a lot of plants and this one usually gets shafted with a poor growing location. This year I've given it a better location to grow so guess we will have to wait and see.

Skunks Medical Kannabis Grows:

Well I've been a medical grower for Going on 3 years and an undergrowth grower for even longer. Recently I let my legal grow laps and now I'm currently not growing while I had to reapply. So hopefully sooner than later I'll be able to fire up my empty rooms and get some kanna cultivation under way once again. During my recent brief underground growing escapade recently and the security beach in had a couple months back I shut up kanna shop until I'm legal once again.

All these pictures are from previous grows done past. But my rooms stay vastly the same. 1 flowering room capable of running 2000 watts and a vegging/clone/seedling closet lit by a 400watt and T5 fixture.

Skunks Flowering Room:

Vegging Closet:
This room has given life to about 80% of all my plants I cultivate. Even grew my seedling cacti in here in batches so over 400 cacti came out of that room.

The bottom deck is lit with 400watts and is used for vegging.

The middle rack is lit by a bank of T5 grow lights. This rack houses my clones seedlings and young tender plants on general. The rising heat helps stimulate root growth on the above rack.

The top shelf is used to for mushroom cultivation when the skunk needs to colonize some jars.

This little closet works a fucking treat!

Some random pictures:
For about a year I got into making feminized seeds.. one I plant to revisit once I'm legal again. Actually had great success and the seeds were/are golden. Myself and other have been using them for over a year now and the results were very rewarding. Once I get rolling with this I'll make the canna grow a more focal point of my thread as it seems to move a lot quicker than other plant grows.

Some beautiful stuff here, definitely a nice variety. :d

I agree that it's definitely inspiring. There's some awesome collections on here. Amazing stuff. :love:
Amazing garden. Your cannabis flowers look delicious. What does "a medical grower for Google" mean? What is on the knife pix? Is it hash? Thanks.
Mitakuye Oyasin said:
Amazing garden. Your cannabis flowers look delicious. What does "a medical grower for Google" mean? What is on the knife pix? Is it hash? Thanks.
The Google part was a typo. Just edited it.

And yes that's water/Ice extracted bubble hash.

Thanks for all the complements everyone very humbling.

I still have a lot to share. Will try and get more up this coming weekend after work.

Thanks for the clarification, makes much more sense now. I've never extracted from poppies before but I have enjoyed a really nice mix of cannabis with a little opium hash or extract combined. Wild cotton mouth, nice calm tranquil sedating high that made colors border on a cartoonish animated realm. I've been told it combined better with a nice energizing Sativa rather than a couch lock Indica as it counter balances the opiate sedation. I remember the thai stick back in the day that had opium infused compressed cannabis that was delightful.

Have you ever tried an ice cold ethanol (pure grain alcohol) extraction on your cannabis? I find this much easier and far less time and energy consuming than bubble bags and ice extraction. End product is full spectrum extremely potent shatter glass.
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