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Skunks Ethnobotanical Garden

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Mitakuye Oyasin said:
Thanks for the clarification, makes much more sense now. I've never extracted from poppies before but I have enjoyed a really nice mix of cannabis with a little opium hash or extract combined. Wild cotton mouth, nice calm tranquil sedating high that made colors border on a cartoonish animated realm. I've been told it combined better with a nice energizing Sativa rather than a couch lock Indica as it counter balances the opiate sedation. I remember the thai stick back in the day that had opium infused compressed cannabis that was delightful.

Have you ever tried an ice cold ethanol (pure grain alcohol) extraction on your cannabis? I find this much easier and far less time and energy consuming than bubble bags and ice extraction. End product is full spectrum extremely potent shatter glass.

Only tried opium in the forum of poppy pod tea. And the effects were very sedating. I used 3 pods the size of golf balls. It to me to the land of nod and the dreams were very vivid. Not the type of experience I enjoy. I give opiats the respect they deserve.

I was gifted some water extracted opium. Was rather interesting a black tar similar to hash. She's sitting on my stash drawer for a rainy day.

I'd post links to the guys extraction method but would have to go over the rules about off site links to other sites. As to the potency of this crude extract I have yet to sample. He also has a tek to make Laudanum which is a tincture of opium infused alcohol which was very popular back in the day. But one needs to be very careful with this mixture of the two substances. One this skunk would stay clear of as my opium tolerance is very low.

Bubble Hash only takes about an hour to make using a mixing drill and some bubble bags. Mix leaf strain through work bags then filter water through the collection bags.

I have tried Using Ever clear grain alcohol to make a Green Dragon extract. Very potent and nice to spike a coffee or warm drink.

Canna Butter is also another favorite of mine and pound for pound is the best bang for your buck IMO. Let's one experience the full psdycadellic effects of cannabis.

Nice. I make Green Dragon as well. Basically if you just pour the Green Dragon onto a clean flat bottom glass dish and let evaporate the stuff you scape up once dry is shatter glass extract. I use in an electronic cig rig or through a GVG. Very clean and smooth. I prefer this to even the best top shelf hash. As long as you freeze all the flowers, glass wear and ethanol before and do a quick wash (2 minutes or less) then filter the liquid you get really clean extraction with no plant waxes or chlorophyl. It rivals the best butane extracts I've had and since it is made with food grade alcohol there are no impurities in the final product. I keep some as a tincture (Green Dragon) and evaporate the rest for shatter glass extract to vape.

120 Huancoensis x BBG

I didn't realize how many of this one hybrid I had growing.... but I have a lot of this one to say the least.

This one pot slipped through theb1st sort.

38 BBG x T.Huancoensis

1 Kimuras Spiny Giant x Bridgesii

5 T.Pachanoi x Huancoensis

3 Cuzcoensis x SS02

7 T.Peruvianus ss01 x julls giant

3 T.Pachanoi x T.Kimura Spiny Giant

6 T.SS02 x Luther Burbank

4 T.Pachanoi x T.Huancoensis

15 T.Huancoensis x SS02

14 T.Kimura Spiny Giant x SS02

20 T.Peruvianus Serra Blue x Huancoensis

37 T.SS01 x T.Pachanoi

4 T.Peruvianus SS01 x Julls Giant

6 T.Huancoensis x T.Pachanoi

6 T.Huancoensis x SS02

2 T.SS02 x T.Peruvianus Serra Blue

3 SS02 x BBG Pachanoid

5 T.Pachanoi x T.SS02

16 unlabeled mystery pots

1 T.SS01 x T.Pachanoi

78 until Talley
Photos to come soon......


Some more of Skunks hybrid Cacti:

44 T.Cordoensis

18 Yowie x Bondi Scop

5 T.Huancoensis x SS02 Pot #1

5 T.Huancoensis x SS02 Pot #2

9 Communal pot #1
4 Huanochois x Sierra Blue
3 Huanochois x SS02
2 Kimuras Spiny Giant x SS02

5 Communal pot #2

5 Unlabeled pot #1

4 Unlabeled pots


I grown a few Species of Datura but strictly for their pretty blooms. We grow a plant or two indoors in small containers where they will readily bloom year round. This is due to them being root bound.

Outdoor Plants:


JIMSOM WEED 'Datura Stramonium'
Again we grow these strictly for their beautiful blooms.

I have a few others I'll share once they are more exciting to see later this summer.

Klip Dagga 'Leonotis Nepetifolia'

Been interested in growing and trying both Klip & wild Dagga for a while and sampling a smoking blend. But just never got around to it yet. This year I did remember to sow some Klip Dagga, indoors and slowly hardened them off this spring. They didn't like our cold Temps and we're shocked and stunted early on but have since begin to pick up growth the last couple weeks.

Haven't really tried growing these plants although I had an attempt at indoor last winter until some spider mites took over the plant and it had to be culled. Anyways hoping this year I get some pretty blooms and able to harvest a little smoke to sample. The flowers look really interesting and if they pan out this year I'll sow a bunch more in some in ground planters next year. I'm the 1st two pictures you can notice the Devils Trumpet Seedlings. Dam they pop up everywhere, constantly plucking Seedlings out of everywhere. It's a very invasive species and spread my all over but super beautiful.


Here was my indoor attempt last fall:

Short Spike Canary Grass 'Phalaris Brachystachys'

This stuff grows naturally around these parts but I'm not qualified enough to go wild collecting just yet. So wanted to establish a patch in the back yard. Been struggling getting it going bit have enough pots I can play around with them for the foreseeable future.

Personally I haven't done too much research into quality of alkaloids or anything to do with extractions of said alkaloids but was told it's a good source of DMT from a local grower. So I'm just trying to establish a self sustainable back yard patch I can possibly harvest from in the years to come if I need my sacraments.

Anyhow this is what I'm working with now.....

Well coming back from a brief absence whole dealing with some life, and in greeted with threads tgs5 have been absolutely killed by photo buck and their changed to 3rd party hosting. So I've just lots all my posts where I used Photo Bucket to host my images.

Not really roo sure where I should have them hosted or what's a good alternative to using Photo Bucket. But it's s real pain and a piss off seeing my threads ruined by missing content. Hopefully I can find a new way of sharing thst will keep my threads complete. Anyone have any options they would care to share for the photo bucket problem.

I'll try around with the site uploaded but doest seem like I can edit my posts like i once did with embedding photo bucket picture links into my posts.

Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose
Devils Trumpet 'Datura Inoxia'

Gotta love indoor Devils Trumpets all year long! One of this Skunks Favorite flowers.... .


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