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Smoked Amanita

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I finally smoked some Amanita Muscaria as I read the high was decent, it is, mild psilocybin like effects almost immediately. Lasted about 30 minutes, no after effects.

Also smoked some catnip, not as nice but I can see it as a high if you had nothing else.

Smoked psilocybin before too, definitely worked though as debatable as that would seem.

All work testing out for fun, nothing major. Just throwing that out there.


when I smoke a. muscaria I become more energetic. And when I eat them, I get in a drunk-like state so a bit tired.

I like it both ways but eating them makes me nausseous in about 30% of times. This sickness takes about 1 hour of total 5 hours effects.
Eating, tincture, or tea are the best ways to consume Amanita Muscaria. I don't know why anyone would smoke it :?: Amanita also synergizes very well with chamomile. You can take this at night as a sleep aid or to treat insomnia. I always thought Amanita target GABA receptors and were more similar to benzodiazepines then alcohol. Not like tryptamines at all. It is not toxic like alcohol is. I love the afterglow too. What an amazing fungus :) . I am surprised so few members are into the stuff. And this mushroom seems shrouded in mystery as there is so little info on it. I need to go hunting this fall :)
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