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Some noob questions regarding extractions

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Hello people of this amazing forum
Swim spent entire days reading teks and after finally getting his hands on some mimosa he decided to try cyb's a/b salt tek but one weird thing that he noticed is that the naphtha separates almost instantlty (usually under 3-5 min) so swim started to worry since from what he read he understood that it normally takes up to an hour. The only thing that he thinks he did wrong is he used iodized salt (visited 3 supermarkets, but he didn't find any non iodized salt) Is that ok to happen and if it is should he just wait until it sdparates 4 times like the tek said or do it for a longer period of time?
I usually see a quick separation of some of the nps, and the rest slowly appears from 15-45 minutes. What method are you using to mix it? You want to make sure the nps "touches" as much of the base soup possible, without emulsifying it. I usually use a 'bicycle pedal' motion to turn the vessel( mason jar) end over end about 40 times, let it separate for a few, then do that again the more times before pulling. The first motion doors separate wicker than the fourth. Sometimes, I'll also lay towels or and roll the jar back and forth on the floor. Careful with that though, I've yet to experience a exploded vessel, but pressure does build. Sure your fine, report your progress and yield per pull if you feel like, sure you'll also get feedback.

Happy extracting.
Welcome friend.:)

Looking forward to hearing about your results. Good separation of your NPS from the basic soup is a good thing. Just do multiple pulls and you should get out all your spice. Take your time!

So i did the first pull and holy mother of all that is holy that thing is saturated. Well i gues that goes to the freezer 😁
Thanks for the fast reply
Have a wonderful day guys
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