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splitting the mixture

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Bob is about to do a 100g MHRB extraction, he needs something that can hold 2 L of water.

He has an ice cream box (hdpe 2) that can hold it all but it's not see through.

Bob plants to make his NaOH/MHRB mixture in this box, then split it in 2 1L Mason Jars.

Will this work for Bob? Has anyone ever tried it? Bob is afraid his ratios will be off.
That type of plastic should be fine for the solvent, I'm not sure what lye will do to it though.

But seriously dude, if you are going to extract something as special as spice try to get some proper equipment.
There are many inexpensive clear glass containers at Walmart or other places.

When you go about something in a cheap and lazy way, the results will reflect your effort.

And the entities will bite you with their sharp teeth!
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