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SWIM's preferred mode of ingestion is sub-lingual after amazing experiences with freebase and rue tea mix.

SWIM's question is: Is it necessary to extract to freebase in order to use sub-lingually or could 1 just use the lye to extract all the essentials over a few weeks, filter, adjust the ph with vinegar or ascorbic acid crystals, reduce volume with heat to a resin and stick it the mouth ?

Is filtering a lye MHRB powder mix possible or will it just jam up the filter? Would reducing to resin destroy spice ? Any tips on how to reduce the ph safely and most efficiently ? Any ideas how to gauge ph without litmus papers ?

Extracting with Lye seems much easier and more efficient then the standard boiling method for ayahuasca (no need to watch the stove and the process could extend over weeks rather than just days, ensuring everything gets out)

If anyone has any better ideas along these lines SWIM would be happy to hear those to.
SWIM now realizes he may not understand the extraction process very well. Does the lye actually push the spice out of the powder into the solution or is an acid necessary to pull it from the powder ?
The lye solution makes a very basic solution (about ph 13) it breaks down the root bark allowing the dmt to escape. DMT isnt very soluble in this solution so exposing to a non polar solvent which dmt is soluble in recovers the DMT into that solvent, which can then be freeze precipitated on evaporated.
SWIM would like to avoid the use of toxic chemicals if possible since it is for oral / sublingual ingestion and he has not been able to find a good source of naptha. Does it make sense to use the lye solution to break down the plant matter and then add vinegar to reduce the ph before doing a standard aya cook ? Probably wouldn't be able to get it into a resin without destroying the spice right ?

or how would SWIM go about washing the final product so that there is no possibility of any toxic residue remaining. SWIM can get Ronsonol but has heard mixed reports about it.
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