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SWIM wants me to write this :)

Migrated topic.


Rising Star

Not cool at all. Re-think your posting etiquette, or you're not going to last very long around here.


His response isn't at all representative of our little community here. Don't let it scare you away or stop you from personal postings.
ohayoco said:
Welcome, Blizzard.
Mr DMT reminds me of Master of Plants, maybe it's just the avatar... oh and the rudeness :shock:

Well I can vouch for MOP it 'aint' him. Mop poped in late night I once a wile back we had a brief. pm conversation I am happy to report he seems to be doing well a lot of reading and not much posting. He stills enjoys many bongs of Cali Red when he gets off work but that is completely normal.

MOP (aka A)
What up Bro hope all is well with ya8)

Mr_DMT said:
blizzard311 said:
its funny how someone can pour their heart out on some seriously personal shit, post it on the internet, and IT NEVER FAILS that assholes like you respond the same way you did. You are obviously not here for the reason I am. If you can't give support or constructive criticisms, do everyone in this forum a favor and stop posting. You are a fucking disease, you are no better than anyone anywhere, Thank you.

If he has a problem he shouln't cry about it!
He should solve it!

Who are you to make such a judgement

Do you think if someone posts this on the internet on the section "INTRODUCTION ESSAY" this kind of posting does make sense?
He should introduce himself, not write an essay about his personal problems. That is my opinion.

I didn't read it fully, but this is not an essay anyway. This is an introduction to his personal life!!! With all the problems.
Do I want to read about problems? Do SWIY wants to read about other peoples problems?
I got problems on my own to solve!

Every second guy on this forum thinks he's special, just because he doesn't "abuse" psychedelics as a drug.
Yeah, be proud of that, but don't think it is something special.

I think 90 % of the people who use DMT don't do it just to get high on something.

Pointing out, you are one of these 90% seems to me like saying useless stuff!

Ah and by the way:
blizzard311 said:
You are a fucking disease

Go to hell, i just expressed my opinion! After all you're just projecting your own negativity on me. Because I did not insult the poster!
I just felt to write something like this, to show him something. Concentrating on your problems just makes them stronger!

Wow dude, you're a prick!
Let's leave the name calling to the professionals and just focus on helping, instead of hindering like hissing parasites of medieval slums.

Welcome blizzard, I see from your other post you've made some great first steps into the world of DMT. I wish your progress good faith and trust your time with the molecule with serve you well! Remember, smoke more, smoke now, and thou shall be rewarded with unanimous bounties of eternal wealth.
smokeydaze said:
instead of hindering like hissing parasites of medieval slums.

This comment is one of the funniest things i have read in a long time.
Thank you Smokey for making me laugh so much. :lol:

Much Peace
Mr_DMT said:
Yeah right,
u got a huge burden.
Ur only in search for enlightenment and wisdom etc etc.

^This, and your other posts in this thread are unacceptable. Please re-read the attitudes section at the top of this and every page.

Instigating fights and verbally attacking other members can and will result in 1 week suspension.


blizzard311, please know that this member does not speak for the majority of the Nexus community. Your post, in its entirety is more than welcome on the Nexus. Welcome!
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