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I like the enneagram. Simple. Beautiful. Sacred. Easy to bring to mind.

ennea-one else?



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It's perfect. It's being used, though, and has for a long time. Wouldn't it make sense to come up with something new?

One thing to do while visualizing would be to think about the nexus, all the names of the members here, things they've said, things you want to leave within the yantra and within the hyperspacial nexus for all who pass through to find.
These kinds of thoughts will help bring us all together.
Lets have a vote. Cause unless another dmt nexus is using it, I think it rocks much etheric-body ass.

There are no sacred geometric glyphs that arent being used in some form or fashion in this world, just ask the illuminati...

I think we make it ours, something simple that everyone can recall with ease.

Your idea is GREAT Slidewinder! I think simple is better.

I've always loved the enneagram. Do you know anything more about it?
I think if we decide to adopt it, I will make one and hang it in front of where I meditate (like a dream catcher)
Upon reentry from trance I am reminded of the nature of consciousness. It seems as though the glyph isn't the most effective, or primary, method of convergence. Intention seems to be the most powerful way to broadcast. (Although I am still constructing the enneagrammic dreamcatcher for the many sakes it serves.)

We should all go in with a similar intention. I know when I go into trance, I always roll a few intentions like dice. Sometimes a primary one. So it's subjective, of course. (just some more thoughts)
After some experimentation with minimal yantras I must contradict my last post. Seems as though it's much more important than I previously thought. They seem to have a way of casting their information (structural and consciousness) all around and through you. Like they are keys to compositions, almost holographic in a sense that they are 2D and reveal so much more.
I'm planing on Joining you all for the next S.H.E. Can anyone point me to what I should know about pertisapating in this?

Main questions are:

1. Whats a hyper phrase?

2. What am I to focus on wile trying to meet up with everyone else?

3. anything else I should know?

focus on the nexus and the enneagram. focus on bringing it all together.

the hyperphrase seems like an old method to the s.h.e. it's like a mantra except subjective to the observer. we thought of maybe creating one universal nexus mantra, but none of us have stepped up to the task, yet... :]
SWIM's got 600+mg of some nearly pure jurema fumarate on hand but no decent amount of harmaloids. He was strongly considering converting to freebase for the next SHE, as he has an FOAF that's never smoked it before and has only done huasca. It's incredibly tempting for SWIM to do this even though itll be the last he'll have for some time (at least a month, maybe more).
perhaps a sound that correlates to a pattern would be a good idea
like those patterns created ontop of speakers in those youtube vids.
perhaps the pattern should be focused on in the minds eye and the sound should be played at launch time or before launch time.
tingshaws have altered my experiences loads.
just thinking out aloud here really.
I really have to get involved in this. I mentioned in chat that I'd offer some art work. (WEbsite removed in edit) Let me know if you change your minds.
Would it be worth trying to just use the word:



I don't know how these things work really.

Could using NEXUS as our common point of reference work? Like a HyperNoun.

By associating it with this site and not it's general definition, by whatever images or feelings we relate it to here with, we could avoid each individual voyager from creating a subjectively distinct image space where they expect others to come to - as the phrase, "meet me at the antique looking inn in France," might lead to some some confusion.

Images are ... a little strange for me with hyperspace, but maybe a single word could be closest to intersubjectivity. I mean, this is one term we all have in common that is exclusive of everyone else - "we" who are on this site as opposed to other spicers or monks, who are unaware of its existence etc.

Whether it be focusing on the logo at the top of each page or a sense of various posts that tie us experientially with this site or our views of the makeup of various members, just any and all personal relation resonating from the common point of NEXUS, we meet at that one seed. In the best case scenario, each individual could train their mind beforehand to think NEXUS and have it expand to or call up on the spatial definition, so when the S.H.E. occurs we all launch with a smile and NEXUS in mind. If there's any moments of thought in hyperspace, try to have them revolve around NEXUS to create convergence/construction with all involved.

Be totally focused on only connection and leave communication and identification to further down the path. Maybe the successful experience would have a shared instance of encountering many entities, or even just any form of shared instance would be a good start. So as it's probably been stated in these twenty pages, use a method that's familiar and if non-launches are common try a tiny bit of extra spice.

One step at a time, the first is into the NEXUS.

What do you think? Worth a launch?

When the Equinox comes, I'll see you at the NEXUS?
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