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Teotzlcoatl's Salvia Thread

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General Salvia divinorum Article including list of various strains

~ Salvia divinorum Strains~

* Wasson/Hofmann
* Blosser ('Palatable')
* Bret Blosser #2
* Luna
* Cerro Quemado
* Julieta
* La Fuerza
* Owens
* Paradox
* Resilience
* Green Witch Queen
* Delicious
* Echo
* Oracle
* Enigma
* Mystique
* Catalina
* Sacred Spring
* Appaloosa
* Hanau
* Maka

Once came across a 'Canteberry Hybrid' supposedly claimed to have a 18% increase in Salvinorin A.. if someone can confirm that would be wonderful and if not than push aside as another hoax.
well I emailed daniel siebert and here's what he said
I have not heard of this "strain" before. I am skeptical of the claims they
are making. If it is a true hybrid, it would look significantly different
from a regular Salvia divinorum plant. That is not evident in the photo on
the vendor's website.Also, If it is a hybrid, why don't they say what the
other parent species is (a hybrid is a cross of two or more different
I emailed the "Canteberry Hybrid" Salvia divinorum Vendor and they responded fairly fast.... here is what they said-

Thanks for interest in the Canteberry. Until the mother plants develop more, we can only root a few a week. But, by the end of summer we will be able to handle bulk orders.
Seed grown in Amsterdam from a Blosser mother
and a Hoffman pollenator in the fall of 2008

I'm going to purchase a few soon if this is the real deal.

Link to Vendor Discussion at Edot
well if blosser is weaker(unless they found a real strong blosser) according to that analysis page why would making a hybrid with hoffman(the strongest) make it stronger? If it is even 12% stronger(and 12-18% stronger compared to what the weakest plant they could find,or the strongest why can't they say exactly how mgs per gram they averagely found?) and they were analyzed in a lab can't they link,or show a report of these findings?
Because when you create a hybrid you are "rolling the genetic dice" and you could be unlocking some ancient or perhaps mutated/altered genetics.

I totally agree that they need to provide more evidence.
well if they found the strongest of each it would be somewhat believable, but they really don't provide specifics like how many mgs of salvinorin were found per gram on average,or any lab reports etc.
fractal enchantment said:
kemist said:
Just to make it clear, ILPT is not interested in salvinorin, he is looking for that special(lsd like)compound 69ron mentioned 😉 He has hunch there are other active strain in this way...

...could you please direct me to where this is mentioned..tried to find the thread but couldn't..sounds interesting..


Inquiring minds want to know!
I wonder if Salvia Viridis (former Horminum) contains any actives. At Wikipedia it says: "leaves of Salvia viridis used to be added to fermenting vats to 'greatly increase the inebriating quality of the liquor'". Could this means it contains something that has a synergetic effect with Ethanol? Any thoughts is much appreciated. I am growing lots of these right now, I will post here as soon as I try them.
very cool looking plant even if not active in anyway salvia viridis is also called salvia horminium.

Yeah, they look very cool! I am growing three different colors of them right now, just as you see on this picture.


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what about salvia nemorosa? I bought a couple at the "home depot",I dint thank they would be active just thought they were cool.
Cool thread!

Wonder if anyone has advice on watering Salvia Divinorum plants...

I currently have 4 plants: 1 I planted outside after it lost all its leaves and wasnt doing too well - wanted to see if it would grow outside while it is warm here in the UK. It's still alive but growing slow, few new leaves appearing but they're a bit yellow.

Another was doing really well after I repotted in a big wooden put, mixed rich soil with perlite and vermeculite, but I think i overwatered and it then all the leaves gradually wilted / dried and fell off ... since then have just been misting, no more water, some new leaves are starting to grow now though.

I have another in the kitchen doing really well after it was just a dry stem, two new shoots came up, I kept it in a plastic bell conche to keep it humid for a while till it got too big for the conche, now i mist at least 1-2 times a day, its lookin v healthy. I have another cutting I managed to grow which is doing ok, need to repot it soon (running out of room!).

It seems that regular misting is the key with these plants; perhaps they draw some of their water in like this not just from the roots?
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