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Teotzlcoatl's Salvia Thread

Migrated topic.
Entropymancer said:
fractal enchantment said:
kemist said:
Just to make it clear, ILPT is not interested in salvinorin, he is looking for that special(lsd like)compound 69ron mentioned 😉 He has hunch there are other active strain in this way...

...could you please direct me to where this is mentioned..tried to find the thread but couldn't..sounds interesting..


Inquiring minds want to know!

Sorry guys, one forgot about this thread. check those three threads for 69ron`s posts, awright...
Kannamate said:
did you adapt them to low humidity what's the humidity like outside and did you plant in shade,or part shade/full sun?

humidity - no idea, outside sometimes can get a bit humid i guess - indoors no idea of humidity.
I keep them in either partial sun or full shade. The one doing really well is prob getting about 2 hrs direct sun a day - but this is england so sun can be scarce at times..!
usually you should put your fresh salvia cuttings in a humidity type chamber and slowly adapt them to lower humidity (taking them out of humidity chamber/tent for short periods increasing length gradually) until they adapt I bet it was at least partially to lower humidity things can get dry outside very quick unless it rains very often,or you live in humid weather and that's why spraying them helps.
Exactly. I normally just mist my Salvia divinorum plants a bunch and then slowly reduce the amount of water/number of mistings, I don't think a fancy humidity chamber is needed, they acclimate fairly quickly!
depends how humid it is where you live. I got unrooted cuttings I think it reduces the stress at first until they root then adapted. I didn't use anything fancy just cut off the bottoms of 2 liter bottles and tupperware.

My Salvia plants are growing like crazy at the moment. When I take a cutting, a cut it off, put it in a little beer bottle with water in, and place a jar over this to keep up the humidity.

They RAPIDLY start rooting. After a few weeks, I plant these in some compost/perlite/verimculite, with the jar over the plant to keep up the humidity. The cutting starts rapidly growing...remember this is the only way Salvia reproduces in the wild - it is designed for it (viable seeds very rare indeed).

Then I grow them in a tub, out of direct sunlight, and the tub has a few little upturned lids with water in to keep up the humidity a little...I don't even spray them now. Don't be too fussy with them or use a humidity tent e.t.c., it is not necessary...Salvia divinorum is a tough and adaptable plant and doesn't need pampering...mine do loose a few leaves now and again though (they weren't impressed with the British winter - can't blame them).
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