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The DMT Parrot Paradoxon

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The DMT Parrot Paradoxon

Hey fellow Nexians, I have a little coincidence experience to share with you.

In the past week I took 3 small doses of Freebase n,n Dmt after work.

I am waiting for my new scale, the old was not accurate after I tested and calibrated it.

So I decided to go low doses, getting into some deep thinking, no blast off, some visuals.

On every of the three occasions, something strange happenend.

About 30 years ago some parrots escaped from a nearby zoo. The managed to survive, breeded, now they are a swarm of round about 30 parrots. Funny little fellas. I knew them since I was a little kid.


Came home after work and took a little hit, when I came down I decided to get outside with my dog, enjoying the afterglow outside.

It’s a 200m walk to the small park. Its my dogs favorite route. We went into the park, and all of a sudden the whole parrot swarm landed on a tree, directly above us. Maybe 8-10 meters away.

I just looked at them, still after glowing, and thought: “ I know your family for so long now, but you have never ever come that close to me. I watched them a little while, told them that they are awesome and went on with herbie, my dog.


2 days later, I came home and went with herbie again. The weather was not that good, so I decided to go out with him, and have a small hit when herbie has eaten. When everything is done.

So I did, took my hit, enjoyed it to the fullest. Afterglow, coming down started. I decided to take a look outside my kitchen window, looking into our garden. (I live in the middle floor in a three flat building, my grandma downstairs and a friend with his daughter in the flat above mine)

As I looked outside at our apple tree in the garden….guess what happened. The swarm arrived, sitting down on our apple tree. This tree is about 5m away from my window, so I have never been as close to them in 30 years.

Funny coincidence I thought. Again, I thought about how beautiful they are, how their parents or great parents survived, made the swarm grow that big. I sended them some good loving vibes, stood there just watching them for a few minutes and went downstairs to my grandma.


Same procedure as Wednesday, but good weather. So I took my hit, had some deep thinking and visuals. I really like those low doses. The scale would arrive tomorrow, then I would go breakthrough doses again.
Coming down, after glow… Herbie, lets take a walk to the park. We left the house and I was thinking about the parrots. Entered the park and….no parrots around.

I thought: Ok, it was a coincidence the last two times.

In this moment I heard some birds coming closer and I knew it was them. I was standing under the exact same tree I stood on Monday. The swarm arrived and landed above me onto the same tree again.

One of them landed on the brench that was closest to me, maybe 2 meters above me. The fella looked at me, I looked at him. Weird. They are so shy, but the last three times they came closer and closer. I love you parrot.

What are your thoughts on this? Coincidence?

These are the little fellas:



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Using DMT or ayahuasca gets my body and mind into another kind of ‘awareness’ and somehow this is radiated into the world directly around me. In one way or another there is a temporarily deeper connection with everything else I encounter the first few hours after the come down. And some of these encounters just know I am in that other state of being. Like having the same wave length.

So if you ask me, I tend to opt for the possibility that it was not a coincidence at all. It just happened because it had to happen, a signal from the cosmos.

By the way, there is this excellent report from Nick Sand about Ibogaine. The pdf can be found on the internet, called ‘Journey into the Realm of Ibogaine’. He describes his trip and what happened to him when the trip was over and he left his house. This certainly is related to your experience.
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