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The OFFICIAL Binaural Beat Thread

Migrated topic.
This actually makes some sense. I have somewhat of bad hearing. I can still hear everything but just not half as well as I used to. I wonder if any hearing damage wouldn't allow me to hear certain frequencies to acheieve the effect I'm looking for.
Damaged hearing usually results in loss of high frequency's, Binaural Beating relies on the lower freqs. so you should be OK.

BTW guy's, anyone who has a standard DAW (Protools, Sonar, etc) can create these effects.
Make two mono tracks, put a separate signal generator (tone oscillator) on the insert of each.
Pan one of the tracks all the way to the Left, the other all the way to the Right.
Now set the two signal generators to the same frequency (like 100Hz) & change one of them just a tiny bit (like 104Hz).

That's it, now find the frequency that effect your brain the most!!


This has been around quite a wile but the new update files in examples are pretty mind blowing with headphones. Check out the shaman or Planets file in examples.

Its a bit complicated but im sure the Nexus can figure it out. Its open source free ware download and listen.

I enjoyed it new updates are intense. You can program your own tone sets for Brain Wave Entrainment.

Im setting up tonights tones on laptop now. Im in a good mind set the tones are or can be intense. Audio driving at its best.

I like to run several files at the same time in layers these tone are intense just like some old Pink Floyd at high volume.... INTERSTELLAR OVER DRIVE.......

I'm curious to know how many people have a ritualistic approach to their sessions with spice?
It could be anything that you do prior to your session. From the experiences I've had, I've learnt that I do not like suburban settings. In fact the farther away from civilization Wolf is the better. I tend to home in on external sources of stimuli. Especially sound, such as neighbours pets, passing cars.. hell anything. Even the quietest setting inside a house, walls tend to feel paper thin.

The more isolated I am, the better the experience is for me personally. An isolation tank would be ideal, though i do like forests and beaches. Wolf would like to experiment with a bit of meditation then headphones/binaural beats(alpha or theta frequency range) before his next session. Since that may be awhile from now, curious to also know whether any psychonauts out there have attempted this before with positive results? Or if anyone is interested in seeing the results?
Swim lives in a suburban setting and knows the feeling. A short meditation is great before any psychedelic session. Set your intention, relax your body, ask for guidance and protection from your spirit guides, however you approach it.

Swim and a friend did some sessions listening to Jonathan Goldmans "Holy harmony" and were totally blown away. So give that a try, swim would love to know how you react to it.
Great stuff, just now had a listen. Sounds perfect for a future session. Wolf is pretty keen to try entrainment to 4-7 hz Theta waves and spice too.. the waves associated with dreams/REM sleep and deep meditation. Or even delta waves. Does entrainment to alpha waves produce a remarkable difference in a trip? Pretty eager to try this
My friend was listening to hypnosis under a pretty strong dmt trip... Paul Mckenna, can be used before aswell...
I don't like it in any kind of urban setting. I always go out in nature as far as possible from anything manmade.
Nature seems like the best environment for dmt experiences in my opinion.
As far as sound is concerned in a heavy trip there is a sonic landscape all its own. There is a carrier wave that is quite amazing and complex in its own right. I think sonic input is great at low dosing . Watch out when you start ramping up the doses, all bets are off at that point.
Search my old posts. I have posted two free programs that generate Binaural Beats. One is a bit complicated the other very simple.
If you can not find them repost and let me know I will dig them up for you.

I know what you mean Felnik..
Wolf had the idea once to listen to tunes through headphones after a big hit. He remembers pulling the headphones out and staring at them thinking, "what the hell was i thinking??" Man made music sounded tinny, empty, somehow fake and almost laughable compared with what was going on. Much more interested in the idea of entrainment to dream frequencies prior to use..

Wolf has minimal to no control on what to focus on after breakthrough, so usually just observes. Things that may seem suitable for spice when sober, more often than not seem grossly inadequate or even absurd in hyperspace reality. Wolf thinks of each trip as a personal voyage, and has been thinking binaural beats may provide suitable preparation before launch :)
Wolf, i have a present for you: Meditation: Pre-Spice ‘Cleansing’ and General Well Being - Philosophy - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus
( i think the torrents might still be up? )

I've never used the tunes for a full on journey, but 300mg THH made the whole thing sound tinny and pointless like u said. AND i felt as if my whole nervous system seemed really "jagged and frayed" and i couldn't stop tossing and turning. give it a try and you'll know what i mean.

BUT i did notice a crap TON of Entity tests; and small doses did seem to help me focus and meditate...

The biggest advantage of these tracks is just doing them to practice meditation and getting rid of that personal gunk we all have. though perhaps try a heavy dose on a very very quite level? let me know how it goes!

I posted awhile back a ritualistic experiment that I performed where I utilized binaural beats sensory deprivation and meditation along with dmt The title of the post is The Mass of the Phoenix if you want to look it up. When the Deep Thought Project was active there was about a half dozen people experimenting with DMT in conjunction with mediation, binaural, sensory deprivation, and about anything else they could come up with.
just to confirm, vovin is the man.

to answer the original question: for me, its candles, incense, meditation, sometimes very chilled music.

To any would-be hypnosis experimenters, knock up your own bineural beats (or just dub over some munroe institute or dane spotts ones) and design your own hypnosis session.
Personally I think hypnotising yourself on DMT is pointless since the only trips you should be engaging in should be so mind blowing that you won't even know your listening to a hypnosis tape. In my opinion, and its only my opinion, experimenting like that with DMT is a natural thing but generally indicates that you need to stop looking to the sacrament for entertainment and go and make your own fun. I think its unhealthy to be like "right, now what happens if I smoke DMT when I full up the PC screen with 15 porno movies playing on high-speed and smoke it? right, now what happens when I smoke dmt, uh, in the bath? right, now what happens when I smoke DMT wearing sunglasses?" you get my point.

Edit: just to note: if my ego is involved in this, I am sorry. OK:

the highest trips are 1) outside, at peace, with nature. 2) meditating 3) ritualised 4) with an allready positive, healthy, happy, balanced life, when you are feeling well. if you can combine all four, then your onto a winner that's going to have strongly positive, enlightening effects for you. I must highlight though that if you go to the spice wanting these things then you will merely experience a reflection of yourself, wanting. joyfuly give up the colourful distractions offered, go for the heart; the highest, the deepest. Go to DMT with a pure intention: to spread love. smoke it in the morning, when you're feeling healthy and revitalised and full of energy. Don't smoke it at 11pm at night with a beer and a joint!! I know you can do better :( please. I tell you this because I know what DMT under the right circumstances can actually do for you; and it is so far removed from what dmt under the wrong circumstances actually does; and If I can help with your spiritual development, well then I've achieved something.
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