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The OFFICIAL Binaural Beat Thread

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I'm planning to buy a Emotiv Epoc at www.emotiv.com. It's a pretty accurate multi sensor EEG device working with bluetooth. They have a great EEG application for it.

Seems like great fun to record your brainwaves while listening to binaurals and isochronics but also while meditating and under influence of psychedelics. This way it should be possible to see wether your brain tunes in on the frequencies.
yeah. its about what do you want. it can work, and work well if you are in the mood and go with it. on the other hand, if you resist, it won't. So why bother and resist? why smoke dmt and resist, have a bad trip and say dmt stinks? on the other hand smoke dmt, know what you want, why you are doing it and go with it and have a profound positive learning and experience.

The mind is made up of a thinker and a prover. Whatever the thinker thinks, the prover will go and prove. - Dr. Leonard Orr.

I have been creating my own brainwave entrainment programs for a couple of years now. They most certainly work for me. The main question I ask myself is what do I want from this, what are the main frequencies associated with my goal and what other (hypnotic inductions, music etc) do I want to include.?

For example, i dont see why I would use an entrainment program to wake up, as a caffeine alternative, when what I really want is to meditate or carry out lucid dreaming.

Then again, diferent strokes, different folks. If it works for you, go for it. If it doesn't, find what does and go for that. Nothing is better or worse. Just different.
so is meditation, for that matter.

Poekus has a great idea for experimentally testing different states (should also test pre-entrainment state).

Gnaural is a nice opensource/free multiplatform prog that is highly configurable. I've attached
an isochronic tone file that I dl'd online, and modified with a text editor
(right click, edit the beatfreq and/or basefreq, then save)

as for modulating music...
Audacity is another free multiplatform prog (audio editor) that can support isochronic modulation via the isomod.ny plugin. it is also edited
with a text editor, or in the gui.


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I've tried binaural beats. Some delta,alpha stuff. Didn't do anything for me.
I'm going to give this isochronic stuff a try now when I go to sleep.
I've found that if I have a wandering mind while listening I won't feel any effects at all, but if I include breathing techniques or try to meditate they can have very instant "results". Isochronic beats seems to put me in a deeper state much faster than binaural beats, but they do both seem to work if I focus enough.

At best I can enter sleep paralysis within 10 minutes of listening to theta or delta ones, where as I might take 20-30 minutes to do so without them. It puts me in a deep thought where very random ideas pop up, often not making any sense at all, it puts me on the fringe of an awake and asleep mind. All this could very well be placebo, but I personally feel they do work to some extent.
You know the other thing about binaural beats is that often times I find myself focusing on my breathing and other meditative-like mental activities, so perhaps the tendency for people to engage in such activities while listening to the binaural beats might be telling. My brother had a bunch of success with them a few months ago, and he's one of the biggest skeptics I know. Said he had a white light experience from him (and I do believe him), and he wasn't using nor has any kind of regular access to psychedelics. If I do a session before going to sleep, it can make my dreams all sorts of wacky, vivid and memorable. I got one of those proteus mind machines, so it has the blinking LEDs too (note that my brother was not using this relating to his white light experience, just 6 hours of it on youtube in the background while studying...) which can be quite entertaining with acid. I've tried it with spice as well and it pretty much lets you see the skeleton of hyperspace. All of the lines become rigidly defined but the images lose all sense of depth and their original color, mostly to be replaced with a solid hue of red, green or somewhere in between. Sorta lets you see all the shapes. I definitely don't prefer to use it with spice though. Now I only find myself using it if I get a faulty lift-off and I can't see much of anything (and won't).
Started playing again - thought I'd post a link for anyone interested. Nice to calm the mind before a trip.


The attached is a deep tibetan bowl sound. Use with good headphones (if possible).


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i wonder what would happen if you were lying in a isolation tank , playing pure theta waves and you went on a dmt trip all at the same time.........
7baz said:
i wonder what would happen if you were lying in a isolation tank , playing pure theta waves and you went on a dmt trip all at the same time.........

It rocks. Though to be honest, smoalked spice takes over anything else that is going on. The brainwaves and sensory deprivation are mostly ways to put you in the perfect headspace for launching.

Better is to use the mind tools while on Aya or another longer lasting entheogen. And then only puff micro spice vapes so you don't go too far away.

I prefer to use the brainwaves in combo with flashing light goggles. Using both sound & light makes following the brainwaves down to low theta much easier than just listening to headphones. It is worth buying a mind machine.
I love using headphones with Spice. There's many ways you can experiment with this. I've used the AUM sound before but never tried Binaural beats. Listening to TOOL while smoking was really badass! I'm sure you'll have loads of fun trying out what works best for you. Tibetan bowls or chanting is really good too by the way. Try listening to mantras too if you get into that.
Ok...DMT+ Sensory deprivation tank+ brainwave entrainment+ Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation+ meditation+ magik ritual. :twisted:

I'm not kidding. Who will report on this? I mean, you might time travel or do some Quantum Leap type of stuff!
Wolf said:
I'm curious to know how many people have a ritualistic approach to their sessions with spice?
It could be anything that you do prior to your session. From the experiences I've had, I've learnt that I do not like suburban settings. In fact the farther away from civilization Wolf is the better. I tend to home in on external sources of stimuli. Especially sound, such as neighbours pets, passing cars.. hell anything. Even the quietest setting inside a house, walls tend to feel paper thin.

The more isolated I am, the better the experience is for me personally. An isolation tank would be ideal, though i do like forests and beaches. Wolf would like to experiment with a bit of meditation then headphones/binaural beats(alpha or theta frequency range) before his next session. Since that may be awhile from now, curious to also know whether any psychonauts out there have attempted this before with positive results? Or if anyone is interested in seeing the results?

I totally agree that total quietness is important(besides the music which I usually play, but not too loud). That's why it's a good idea to smoke after midnight when there are no sounds from possible neighbours or people outside etc.
Global said:
For some reason I can't open these. iTunes is supposed to be able to open flac files, but it's just not doing anything. When I right click it and choose to open it with iTunes, nothing happens, and when I go into iTunes and try to "add it to the library" nothing happens.
As far as I understand, iTunes does not support FLAC. They use their own lossless encoder "ALAC" or Apple Lossless Audio Codec. You can download VLC for free which has FLAC support built in.
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